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The Will County News http://thewillcountynews.com Wed, 30 Sep 2015 05:00:01 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.3.1 RNC vice chairman: McConnell must resign http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4988 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4988#comments Tue, 29 Sep 2015 13:25:30 +0000 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4988

posted at 3:21 pm on September 28, 2015 by Allahpundit

No Cronies

“McConnell needs to resign!!” Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere wrote in a Facebook posting…

“Mitch is a good and honorable guy, but the base is leaving our party,” Mr. Villere said in an interview with The Washington Times. “I’m out in the field all the time and we have all our elections this year for state offices, and it’s hurting us tremendously with our elections.”

“Mr. McConnell could have suspended consideration of confirmations for all presidential appointees, except for those who are essential to national security, until the president rescinded his unconstitutional executive action on amnesty,” Mr. Villere said.

Ben Domenech makes a similar point today. The reason Boehner’s in such a bind, he argues, is because McConnell refuses to play hardball with Senate Democrats either by nuking the filibuster to push Republicans bills onto Obama’s desk or holding up Senate business to pressure Democrats into either voting for cloture on those bills or maintaining a “talking filibuster” for days on end to keep them bottled up. The Senate has become a dead end for conservative bills originating in the House, forcing Boehner to inevitably capitulate to centrists on one major bill after another in the name of finding something that Senate Dems will allow through. Why should Boehner, a victim of the bottleneck, pay the price instead of McConnell?

To understand the missed opportunity here, consider what could have happened if McConnell was not so dedicated to keeping the Senate “open for business” and working with the president on other priorities. Imagine instead what would have happened if McConnell saw the opportunity to break Reid and isolate the president on spending. He could have canceled all other Senate business, canceled the recesses, and forced the Democrats to block the Defense appropriations bill every 72 hours until September 30^th. No weekends off, no holidays, keeping 75 year old men up all night for days, allowing no personal comforts until the filibuster is broken. In stark comparison to the media’s willingness to hide the ball on Planned Parenthood, Republicans would have been gifted with three months of messaging on “Democrats are so angry at the American people for taking away their majority, they are refusing to pay the troops.”

Instead, McConnell did what Democrats expected him to do. He griped about it, moved on, and looked to a continuing resolution. He extracted no price at all from Reid and his caucus for shutting down the budget process. There was no pain or penalty for Democrats for killing the appropriations process. That, after all, would have required working weekends.

Rep. Matt Salmon, a conservative, sent a text message to Mike Lee last week that read, “Next guy in the crosshairs will probably be McConnell.” What does he mean “probably”? McConnell’s already in the crosshairs, as Villere’s comments today prove, and the next two months of fighting over Planned Parenthood and the debt ceiling will only secure his position there. This is an “irresistible force meets immovable object” situation, though — the force is the anger that grassroots righties feel towards the leadership’s acquiescence in Obama’s agenda and the object is McConnell’s conviction that anything the new GOP majority does to suggest it can’t govern, from shutdowns to leadership battles to sudden moves towards eliminating the filibuster, will be used by Democrats next fall to reclaim the majority as “the responsible party.” Essentially, McConnell’s decided that he needs to scrupulously not exercise his power as majority leader in the interest of preserving that power when voters go to the polls next year. So then: How do you propose to oust McConnell as leader? Unlike Boehner, who had four and a half years to “enjoy” being Speaker, he’s only been majority leader for nine months. He’s not going to quit, and there’s no reason to think that a majority of the Senate GOP caucus would vote to remove him. I think he’s resolved to play lightning rod for the base in the name of retaining his position as the “adult” in the room, thwarting the Cruzes and Salmons in Congress from blowing up any chance the GOP has in 2016 by instigating a debt-ceiling crisis, etc.

But maybe I’m wrong. It’s a fait accompli that Kevin McCarthy, as the new Speaker, will try to impress conservatives by taking a stand early on some right-wing priority. Even a shutdown probably wouldn’t hurt Republicans much next year provided it’s a short one. (Ask any righty about the prospects of a shutdown over Planned Parenthood and he’ll remind you that the GOP did okay in 2014 despite the shutdown over ObamaCare a year earlier.) McCarthy could, if he wanted, reverse the dynamic that Domenech describes by putting McConnell on the spot on a series of bills designed to draw a contrast between the resoluteness of the new Speaker and the queasiness of the Senate majority leader. If McCarthy passed a series of conservative bills and refused to consider watering them down until McConnell had attempted to break Democratic resolve with more aggressive leadership tactics, it would secure McConnell as the party’s supreme RINO boogeyman while earning McCarthy some goodwill with his new base. And McConnell, under those circumstances, might feel obliged to make a concession of some sort, perhaps by eliminating the filibuster for certain kinds of votes (e.g., eliminating it for votes on resolutions regarding executive agreements with foreign powers would have gotten the GOP’s disapproval of the Iran deal to Obama’s desk). He’d be taking a risk by doing that — what if Chuck Schumer and President Hillary inherit a filibuster-less Senate in 2017? — but increasingly he’s also taking a risk with the GOP base by not doing it. Enjoy your new role as conservative public enemy number one, Mac.

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New strategy to try to defund Planned Parenthood http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4986 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4986#comments Tue, 29 Sep 2015 12:56:25 +0000 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4986

Republicans try new way to defund Planned Parenthood, avoiding shutdown

WASHINGTON — Republicans this week will launch a new strategy to try to defund Planned Parenthood now that it’s clear that Congress will vote this week to keep the government open without addressing the issue.

The House also is expected to consider this week the creation of a select committee to investigate allegations that the nation’s largest abortion provider discussed selling tissue and organs from aborted fetuses for profit. Planned Parenthood vehemently denies the allegation, saying that undercover videos taken by anti-abortion activists were heavily edited and misleading.

On Tuesday, the House Ways and Means Committee and the Energy and Commerce Committee will take up bills that would pave the way for Congress to pass legislation to strip federal funds from Planned Parenthood without having to worry about another successful filibuster by Senate Democrats to block the measure.

The committees will vote to advance a procedural tool called budget reconciliation that allows certain tax and spending bills to be passed with a simple majority vote. Under normal Senate rules, it takes a supermajority of 60 senators to overcome a filibuster and bring a bill to the Senate floor. Reconciliation eliminates the possibility of a filibuster by the Democratic minority in the Senate.

However, President Obama has vowed to veto any legislation to defund Planned Parenthood, and congressional leaders do not have enough votes to override a veto. It takes two-thirds of the members of the House and Senate to override a veto.

The two panels, along with the Education and Workforce Committee, must each pass a portion of reconciliation and send it to the House Budget Committee, which will combine them and send a bill to the House floor for a vote. The education committee will vote Wednesday.

The portion to be voted on by the energy committee on Tuesday includes a measure to defund Planned Parenthood and invest in women’s health care centers that do not perform abortions. The Planned Parenthood provision is part of a bigger effort by the three committees to defund the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

Planned Parenthood receives about $500 million a year from the federal government to provide cancer screenings, medical checkups and birth control services. It is barred by federal law from using taxpayer money to pay for abortions.

Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and energy committee Chairman Fred Upton, R-Mich. have both said that the group should not receive public funds.

“As this committee continues to investigate Planned Parenthood and its affiliates, the flow of taxpayer dollars should end,” Upton said.

Planned Parenthood is already under investigation by several existing congressional committees, but House Speaker John Boehner said Sunday that the House will vote to create a new select committee to investigate the group. That vote could come as early as this week.

“We’ll … take up a select committee to investigate these horrific videos that we’ve seen from abortion clinics…in several states,” Boehner, R-Ohio, said Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation.

Boehner announced Friday that he will resign from Congress effective Oct. 30 in part because of continued challenges from the right wing of the GOP caucus, which had pressured Boehner to risk a government shutdown to defund Planned Parenthood.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., denounced the proposed select committee as another step in Republicans’ “war on women’s health.”

“House Republicans are planning yet another taxpayer-funded Select Committee to burn more of the millions of taxpayer dollars they’ve already spent playing politics — this time with the goal of taking lifesaving preventative care away from millions of American women,” Pelosi said in a statement.

The House also has a Select Committee on Benghazi to investigate the 2012 attack against the U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya that resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. It has become one of the longest-serving special committees in U.S. history.

House Republican leaders also plan to bring up a bill Tuesday that would allow states to stop making Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood and other health care providers that perform abortions. The White House said Monday that Obama will veto the Women’s Public Health and Safety Act if it passes Congress.

The Republicans’ latest maneuvers on Planned Parenthood come as conservatives have effectively lost the battle to tie the issue to a funding bill that Congress must pass this week to avert a partial government shutdown on Thursday, the first day of the 2016 fiscal year.

Some conservatives had hoped to use the funding bill to push through the defunding of Planned Parenthood. However, Democrats blocked the bill in the Senate.

The Senate voted 77-19 on Monday to advance a government funding bill that does not include the Planned Parenthood measure. A final vote on passage of the bill is expected by Wednesday. It would fund federal agencies through Dec. 11.

The Senate will then send that legislation to the House, which is expected to adopt it with support from most Democrats and a sizable chunk of Republicans.

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Iraq agrees to share intelligence with Russia, Iran and Syria http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4984 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4984#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 23:53:39 +0000 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4984  

By Jethro Mullen and Yousuf Basil, CNN

Updated 10:44 AM ET, Mon September 28, 2015

Iraq agrees to deal with Russia, Iran and Syria 01:14

The U.S. has expressed concern about Russia’s military buildup in SyriaMIDEAST-ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN-UNREST-GAZA
Obama and Putin are due to meet on Monday for the first time in nearly a year

(CNN)Iraq says it has reached a deal to share intelligence with Russia, Iran and Syria in the fight against ISIS militants.

The announcement on Saturday from the Iraqi military cited “the increasing concern from Russia about thousands of Russian terrorists committing criminal acts within ISIS.”

The news comes amid U.S. concerns about Russia’s recent military buildup in Syria and would appear to confirm American suspicions of some kind of cooperation between Baghdad and Moscow.

A U.S.-led coalition has been carrying out an aerial bombing campaign against ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria since last year. But now Russia is upping its presence in the region.

U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday for the first time in nearly a year to discuss Moscow’s plans in Syria.

Russia has sent aircraft, tanks and missiles into the war-wracked country, according to the Pentagon.

The United States had also been watching intelligence indicators that the Russians might be setting up some type of operation in Baghdad to coordinate their efforts with Iraqi, Iranian and Syrian elements.

“We remain committed to working closely with Iraq to defeat ISIL,” Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for the U.S. coalition, said in a statement, using another acronym for ISIS. ” As a sovereign nation, Iraq has relations with many nations and the agreements the Iraqis take that work to our common objective are up to them.”

He added: “We recognize that Iraq has an interest in sharing information on ISIL with other governments in the region who are also fighting ISIL. We do not support the presence of Syrian government officials who are part of a regime that has brutalized its own citizens.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that the fight against ISIS has resulted in cooperation between U.S. allies and rivals.

Iraq’s government has strong ties with Iran, which has been training, advising and supporting Iraqi Shiite militias that are fighting ISIS.

And Australia announced in April that it would share some intelligence with Iran, notably on fighters from Australia traveling to Iraq to join ISIS.

CNN’s Barbara Starr contributed to this report.

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US ‘willing’ to work with Russia and Iran on Syria http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4980 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4980#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 23:38:25 +0000 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4980

US President Barack Obama calls for a “managed transition” that removes Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad from power.

The US president has expressed his country’s willingness to engage with Russia and Iran over the ongoing war in Syria [AP]


US President Barack Obama has denounced world powers that continue to support embattled Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Syria “cannot return to the pre-war status quo”, Obama said at the 70th United Nations General Assembly on Monday afternoon.

The US leader decried Assad as “a tyrant” and “a brutal dictator [who] slaughters tens of thousands of his own people”, adding that peace in Syria is only possible if Assad leaves office.

The Syrian conflict, which began with peaceful protests in 2011, has led to at least 250,000 deaths, according to the UN. More than half of Syria’s pre-war population of 22.4 million has been internally displaced or fled abroad.

“Assad and his allies cannot simply pacify the broad majority of a population who has been brutalised,” Obama said. He called for a “managed transition” that removes Assad from the presidency and puts in his place a more democratic system.


The US president’s comments underscore the tensions between the US and Russia, the latter of which has stepped up its support for the Assad government with an ongoing military build-up in Syria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin mounted a fierce defence of Assad.

The Russian leader urged UN General Assembly members to unite to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group and said it would be a disastrous error not to support Syria’s beleaguered president.

Iran piled on behind Russia, but Western leaders remained adamant Assad must step down and Obama branded him a child-killing tyrant whose actions had fuelled ISIL’s rise.

Nonetheless, Obama also said that the US will work with any nation on Syria, including Russia and Iran.

‘Death cult’

He also denounced ISIL: “I said it before, and I will say it again: There is no room for accommodating an apocalyptic death cult like ISIL.

“We know that ISIL, which emerged out of chaos in Iraq and Syria, depends on perpetual war to survive,” he said.

Obama said that the US makes “no apologies” for its military action in Syria, including its ongoing air strikes against ISIL and the $500m Pentagon programme to train and equip around 5,000 fighters to battle ISIL.

The US programme has been sharply criticised as less than 150 fighters have completed it throughout the last year.

Last week, a US-trained rebel unit surrendered six pick-up trucks and ammunition to al-Nusra Front. Back in July, a 54-person group of US-trained fighters who entered Syria to fight ISIL were confronted by Nusra. Several were killed and others were captured.

“We have demonstrated over more than a decade of relentless pursuit of al-Qaeda [that] we will not be outlasted by extremists,” Obama said.

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

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Trump”s Tax Plan looks pretty good http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4978 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4978#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 23:28:13 +0000 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4978 Tax Reform That Will Make America Great Again   CBnjANyUsAAhQZ2.jpg medium

The Goals Of Donald J. Trump’s Tax Plan

Too few Americans are working, too many jobs have been shipped overseas, and too many middle class families cannot make ends meet. This tax plan directly meets these challenges with four simple goals:

  1. Tax relief for middle class Americans: In order to achieve the American dream, let people keep more money in their pockets and increase after-tax wages.
  2. Simplify the tax code to reduce the headaches Americans face in preparing their taxes and let everyone keep more of their money.
  3. Grow the American economy by discouraging corporate inversions, adding a huge number of new jobs, and making America globally competitive again.
  4. Doesn’t add to our debt and deficit, which are already too large.

The Trump Tax Plan Achieves These Goals

  1. If you are single and earn less than $25,000, or married and jointly earn less than $50,000, you will not owe any income tax. That removes nearly 75 million households – over 50% – from the income tax rolls. They get a new one page form to send the IRS saying, “I win,” those who would otherwise owe income taxes will save an average of nearly $1,000 each.
  2. All other Americans will get a simpler tax code with four brackets – 0%, 10%, 20% and 25% – instead of the current seven. This new tax code eliminates the marriage penalty and the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) while providing the lowest tax rate since before World War II.
  3. No business of any size, from a Fortune 500 to a mom and pop shop to a freelancer living job to job, will pay more than 15% of their business income in taxes. This lower rate makes corporate inversions unnecessary by making America’s tax rate one of the best in the world.
  4. No family will have to pay the death tax. You earned and saved that money for your family, not the government. You paid taxes on it when you earned it.

The Trump Tax Plan Is Revenue Neutral

The Trump tax cuts are fully paid for by:

  1. Reducing or eliminating most deductions and loopholes available to the very rich.
  2. A one-time deemed repatriation of corporate cash held overseas at a significantly discounted 10% tax rate, followed by an end to the deferral of taxes on corporate income earned abroad.
  3. Reducing or eliminating corporate loopholes that cater to special interests, as well as deductions made unnecessary or redundant by the new lower tax rate on corporations and business income. We will also phase in a reasonable cap on the deductibility of business interest expenses.


America needs a bold, simple and achievable plan based on conservative economic principles. This plan does that with needed tax relief for all Americans, especially the working poor and middle class, pro-growth tax reform for all sizes of businesses, and fiscally responsible steps to ensure this plan does not add to our enormous debt and deficit.

This plan simplifies the tax code by taking nearly 50% of current filers off the income tax rolls entirely and reducing the number of tax brackets from seven to four for everyone else. This plan also reduces or eliminates loopholes used by the very rich and special interests made unnecessary or redundant by the new lower tax rates on individuals and companies.

The Trump Tax Plan: A Simpler Tax Code For All Americans

When the income tax was first introduced, just one percent of Americans had to pay it. It was never intended as a tax most Americans would pay. The Trump plan eliminates the income tax for over 73 million households. 42 million households that currently file complex forms to determine they don’t owe any income taxes will now file a one page form saving them time, stress, uncertainty and an average of $110 in preparation costs. Over 31 million households get the same simplification and keep on average nearly $1,000 of their hard-earned money.

For those Americans who will still pay the income tax, the tax rates will go from the current seven brackets to four simpler, fairer brackets that eliminate the marriage penalty and the AMT while providing the lowest tax rate since before World War II:

Income Tax Rate Long Term Cap Gains/ Dividends Rate Single Filers Married Filers Heads of Household
0% 0% $0 to $25,000 $0 to $50,000 $0 to $37,500
10% 0% $25,001 to $50,000 $50,001 to $100,000 $37,501 to $75,000
20% 15% $50,001 to $150,000 $100,001 to $300,000 $75,001 to $225,000
25% 20% $150,001 and up $300,001 and up $225,001 and up

With this huge reduction in rates, many of the current exemptions and deductions will become unnecessary or redundant. Those within the 10% bracket will keep all or most of their current deductions. Those within the 20% bracket will keep more than half of their current deductions. Those within the 25% bracket will keep fewer deductions. Charitable giving and mortgage interest deductions will remain unchanged for all taxpayers.

Simplifying the tax code and cutting every American’s taxes will boost consumer spending, encourage savings and investment, and maximize economic growth.

Business Tax Reform To Encourage Jobs And Spur Economic Growth

Too many companies – from great American brands to innovative startups – are leaving America, either directly or through corporate inversions. The Democrats want to outlaw inversions, but that will never work. Companies leaving is not the disease, it is the symptom. Politicians in Washington have let America fall from the best corporate tax rate in the industrialized world in the 1980’s (thanks to Ronald Reagan) to the worst rate in the industrialized world. That is unacceptable. Under the Trump plan, America will compete with the world and win by cutting the corporate tax rate to 15%, taking our rate from one of the worst to one of the best.

This lower tax rate cannot be for big business alone; it needs to help the small businesses that are the true engine of our economy. Right now, freelancers, sole proprietors, unincorporated small businesses and pass-through entities are taxed at the high personal income tax rates. This treatment stifles small businesses. It also stifles tax reform because efforts to reduce loopholes and deductions available to the very rich and special interests end up hitting small businesses and job creators as well. The Trump plan addresses this challenge head on with a new business income tax rate within the personal income tax code that matches the 15% corporate tax rate to help these businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers grow and prosper.

These lower rates will provide a tremendous stimulus for the economy – significant GDP growth, a huge number of new jobs and an increase in after-tax wages for workers.

The Trump Tax Plan Ends The Unfair Death Tax

The death tax punishes families for achieving the American dream. Therefore, the Trump plan eliminates the death tax.

The Trump Tax Plan Is Fiscally Responsible

The Trump tax cuts are fully paid for by:

  1. Reducing or eliminating deductions and loopholes available to the very rich, starting by steepening the curve of the Personal Exemption Phaseout and the Pease Limitation on itemized deductions. The Trump plan also phases out the tax exemption on life insurance interest for high-income earners, ends the current tax treatment of carried interest for speculative partnerships that do not grow businesses or create jobs and are not risking their own capital, and reduces or eliminates other loopholes for the very rich and special interests. These reductions and eliminations will not harm the economy or hurt the middle class. Because the Trump plan introduces a new business income rate within the personal income tax code, they will not harm small businesses either.
  2. A one-time deemed repatriation of corporate cash held overseas at a significantly discounted 10% tax rate. Since we are making America’s corporate tax rate globally competitive, it is only fair that corporations help make that move fiscally responsible. U.S.-owned corporations have as much as $2.5 trillion in cash sitting overseas. Some companies have been leaving cash overseas as a tax maneuver. Under this plan, they can bring their cash home and put it to work in America while benefitting from the newly-lowered corporate tax rate that is globally competitive and no longer requires parking cash overseas. Other companies have cash overseas for specific business units or activities. They can leave that cash overseas, but they will still have to pay the one-time repatriation fee.
  3. An end to the deferral of taxes on corporate income earned abroad. Corporations will no longer be allowed to defer taxes on income earned abroad, but the foreign tax credit will remain in place because no company should face double taxation.
  4. Reducing or eliminating some corporate loopholes that cater to special interests, as well as deductions made unnecessary or redundant by the new lower tax rate on corporations and business income. We will also phase in a reasonable cap on the deductibility of business interest expenses.
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Pope Francis: Gov’t Workers Have Right to Refuse Gay Marriage Licenses http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4976 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4976#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 23:16:33 +0000 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4976

Image: Pope Francis: Gov't Workers Have Right to Refuse Gay Marriage Licenses (AP)

Monday, 28 Sep 2015 11:15 AM


Pope Francis said on Monday government officials have a “human right” to refuse to discharge a duty, such as issuing marriage licenses to homosexuals, if they feel it violates their conscience.Speaking to reporters as he returned home from a 10-day trip to the United States and Cuba, Francis also repeated his condemnation of priests who had sexually abused children, saying the victims had been “crushed by evil”.

Although the Argentine-born pontiff delved into some of the United States’ thorniest political debates during his visit, he never specifically referred to a controversy over same-sex marriages, which the Church firmly opposes.

On the flight back to Rome, he was asked if he supported individuals, including government officials, who refuse to abide by some laws, such as issuing marriage licenses to gays.

“Conscientious objection must enter into every juridical structure because it is a right,” Francis said.

Earlier this month a county official in the state of Kentucky, Kim Davis, went to jail because she refused to issue a marriage licence to a gay couple following a Supreme Court decision to make homosexual marriage legal.

Davis’s case has taken on national significance in the 2016 presidential campaign, with one Republican contender, Mike Huckabee, holding rallies in favor of Davis, a Apostolic Christian, who has since joined the Republican party.

“I can’t have in mind all cases that can exist about conscientious objection but, yes, I can say that conscientious objection is a right that is a part of every human right,” he said, speaking in Italian.

“And if someone does not allow others to be a conscientious objector, he denies a right,” he added.

Francis said conscientious objection had to be respected in legal structures. “Otherwise we would end up in a situation where we select what is a right, saying: ‘This right has merit, this one does not.'”

In the hour-long, freewheeling talk that has become a trademark of his papacy, the pope returned to the problem of priestly abuse. On Sunday, he met five victims of sexual abuse and issued his most comprehensive condemnation of the crime.

On the plane, Francis said sexual abuse was not confined to the Church but it was worse when committed by men of religion.

“We know abuses are everywhere, in families, in the neighbourhoods, in the schools, in the gyms, but when a priest abuses it is very grave because the vocation of the priest is to make that boy, that girl grow towards the love of God, toward maturity,” he said.

“But instead (the victim) is crushed by evil and this is nearly a sacrilege because the priest has betrayed his vocation, the calling of the Lord,” the pope said.

The pope had been fiercely criticised by abuse victims on Wednesday, after he initially addressed the scandal but did not utter the words “sexual abuse”, and praised American bishops for their handling of the crisis.

Asked about barriers being but up in Europe to stop the influx of migrants, the pope said: “All walls collapse, today, tomorrow or after 100 years, but they will collapse. Walls are not a solution.”

He said that while it was true that Europe was struggling in the face of a refugee crisis, the solution had to be found through dialogue. “Barriers last a short time or a long time, but the problem remains and with it, more hatred.”

A reporter said the pope had become a “star” in the United States following his visit to Washington, New York and Philadelphia, and asked if this was good for the Church.

“The media uses this term, but there is another truth – how many stars have we seen go out and fall. It is a fleeting thing. Instead being a ‘servant of the servants of God’ does not pass,” the pope said, referring to one of the titles of his office.

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Action Alert / Chicago area is getting 50,000 of these refugees. http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4975 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4975#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 20:42:04 +0000 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4975
Local gove taxing cartoon
#Illegals #Islam #NoAmnesty
Mayor Rahm Emanuel offers to take more than ‘our fair share’ of Syrian Refugees/terrorists who are non-vetted, mostly young males and this will affect more than the city of Chicago.
We have stupidly allowed Chicago to be a sanctuary city. Mayor Rahm recently announced property tax increase of $2.5 BILLION. Not to mention the crime rate that would happen as a result of these Refugee’s & Illegals. Obama promised to let in 65,000 refugee’s from Syria in 2015 and we have to assume that some, if not most are ISLAMIC TERRORISTS as there are no records of these people. One of our ICE agents recently advised a friend I have in the military that the Chicago area is getting 50,000 of these refugees…………. ARE WE GOING TO BE SAFE ANYMORE?? Not to mention, more residents & businesses will move out of state. ARE WE GOING TO CONTINUE TO BE STUPID? ?
Unfortunately, there are other initiatives coming up – one being the Transformation of American neighborhoods. So we are all in this together. This is a cry for action.
Think this will not affect you if you don’t live in Chicago? Welcome to the “Fundamental Transformation of America’s Neighborhoods”
Contact your state reps and state senator and Governor Rauner & oppose the influx of these so called refugees citing the above reasons.
Governor Rauner phone # 312-782-0244 or 217-782-0244.
Here are my local reps in Oak Lawn & Mt Greenwood area. Rep Kelly Burke (D) 708-425-0571 (Springfield # 217-782-0515)
Rep Fran Hurley (D) 773-445-8128 (Springfield # 217-782-8200)
My state senator is Bill Cunningham & his phone # (773) 445-8128 & (708) 233-9703
(If you reside in Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park, Alsip or Palos, you probably have the same State reps that I do).
Thank you & God Bless America!
Robbie Katherine
President & Founder
SW Chicago & Suburban Tea Party
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Pope offered support for people like Kentucky clerk Kim Davis right of conscience http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4972 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4972#comments Mon, 28 Sep 2015 19:19:55 +0000 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4972 Reporters Asked Pope Francis If He Supports People Who Refuse to Grant Gay Marriage Licenses on Religious Grounds. Here’s His Response.

Just hours after President Barack Obama told the LGBT community at a Democratic fundraiser that “religious freedom doesn’t grant us the freedom to deny our fellow Americans their constitutional rights,” Pope Francis seemingly had a very different message.

When asked aboard the papal plane whether he supports individuals who refuse to violate religious conscience as in the cases of those who decline to grant gay marriage licenses, the pontiff seemingly offered up support for people like Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, NBC News reported.

“I can’t have in mind all the cases that can exist about conscientious objection … but yes, I can say that conscientious objection is a right that is a part of every human right. It is a right,” he said in remarks that were translated by pool reporters. “And if a person does not allow others to be a conscientious objector, he denies a right.”

President Barack Obama leans over to talk to Pope Francis during a state arrival ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Pope Francis also expressed his belief that such protections should be built into judicial systems.

“Conscientious objection must enter into every juridical structure because it is a right, a human right,” he said. “Otherwise we would end up in a situation where we select what is a right, saying, ‘this right that has merit, this one does not.’”

The pontiff did not name Davis or anyone else for that matter in making these remarks, though he did extend them to government workers.

“It is a human right and if a government official is a human person, he has that right,” he said. “It is a human right.”

As TheBlaze previously reported, Obama struck a different tone when he addressed members of the LGBT community at a Democratic fundraiser on Sunday, proclaiming that religious freedom isn’t a good or acceptable reason to deny other Americans their constitutional rights.

Pope Francis waves to school children as he walks towards them after arriving at the Apostolic Nunciature, the Vatican's diplomatic mission in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, after an address to a joint meeting of Congress. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

“We affirm that we cherish our religious freedom and are profoundly respectful of religious traditions,” Obama said at the Democratic National Committee LGBT Gala at Gotham Hall in New York City, according to the Associated Press. “But we also have to say clearly that our religious freedom doesn’t grant us the freedom to deny our fellow Americans their constitutional rights.”

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McCarthy, Boehner’s Possible Successor http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4970 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4970#comments Sat, 26 Sep 2015 19:55:47 +0000 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4970

Tea Party Aided Rise of McCarthy, Boehner’s Possible Successor

Image: Tea Party Aided Rise of McCarthy, Boehner's Possible Successor (AP)

Friday, 25 Sep 2015 08:28 PM


 The Republican next in line to succeed U.S. House Speaker John Boehner owes his success, in part, to the same grassroots conservatives who have pushed his boss to the exit.California Representative Kevin McCarthy vaulted to the No. 3 leadership position in the House of Representatives after his party won control of the chamber in 2010 by harnessing the conservative Tea Party movement.

He climbed to the No. 2 spot last year, when House Republican Leader Eric Cantor lost his seat as representative from Virginia to a Tea Party challenger.

Now, the 50-year-old McCarthy is the front-runner to take control of the Republican-led House after Boehner, 65, announced on Friday he will resign from the chamber on Oct. 30. McCarthy has not said whether he will run for the post, but no clear rival has emerged.

Paul Ryan, the party’s 2012 vice presidential nominee, said he does not want Boehner’s job, while Idaho Representative Raul Labrador, a Tea Party conservative who challenged McCarthy for the No. 2 spot last year, said he would not take him on this time.

McCarthy declined to speak to reporters on Friday, instead issuing a statement that called for “healing and unifying to face the challenges ahead.”

Boehner and McCarthy are 15 years apart in age, but some who know them say they share the same low-key leadership style.

“Neither of them are bombastic people,” said Democratic Representative John Garamendi, a fellow Californian.



McCarthy has worked hard to build personal bonds with the restive conservatives who worked to topple Boehner.

Stripped of the power to hand out pet spending projects known as earmarks by recent reforms, McCarthy has offered a friendly ear and slices of pizza while trying to build support.

That has not always worked. McCarthy and the Republican leadership have had to cancel some high-profile votes after they over-estimated support from fellow Republicans, handing victories to President Barack Obama’s Democrats.

Tea Party groups were already putting McCarthy on notice.

“McCarthy knows the reason he’s in this job is because the grassroots took out Cantor and the Freedom Caucus took out Boehner. He damn well better be paying attention,” said Adam Brandon, head of FreedomWorks, a conservative advocacy network.

A native of Bakersfield, California, McCarthy used $5,000 in lottery winnings to start a sandwich shop after high school. He won election to the California legislature at age 37.

Elected to Congress in 2006, McCarthy helped recruit candidates and craft a unifying message in the 2010 election that handed Republicans House control. He was rewarded with a post as the chamber’s chief vote counter.

Like many conservatives, McCarthy wants to shut down the Export-Import Bank over the objection of some big businesses.

He represents a heavily Republican district in California’s San Joaquin Valley. While other Republicans from the region have called for immigration reform, McCarthy has not joined them.

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Former Woodbine golf course to open as park http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4968 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4968#comments Sat, 26 Sep 2015 16:36:49 +0000 http://thewillcountynews.com/?p=4968
Michelle MullinsDaily Southtown
Opens to public Thursday in Homer Glen, with limited recreational activity initially

The former Woodbine Golf Course in Homer Glen will open to the public Thursday.

The former golf course, which the village bought out of foreclosure for $3.3 million in December 2013, is being converted into a large public park.

The former clubhouse and banquet hall on the 103-acre site, 14240 W. 151st St., will become the new Village Hall next summer. Homer Glen now leases a storefront in a strip mall, 14933 Founders Crossing, for the Village Hall.

Initially, the park will be open from dawn to dusk for passive recreation only, such as walking, jogging or flying a kite, according to the village. The park features a mile-long stone trail and a picnic grove. No golfing will be allowed, the village said.

Village crews have been working in recent weeks to open the property for recreational use, including repairing the trail, installing security fencing and putting in portable bathrooms.

The village plans to eventually develop a full-scale park with sports fields, playgrounds and additional recreational trails.

Michelle Mullins is a freelance reporter.

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