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Dr Bellar wants a debate to bring out the issues in 18th District

The Bellar Campaign Challenges Representative Bill Cunningham to a Series of Debates On July 26th the Barbara Bellar Campaign sent a letter to Representative Cunningham to schedule five debates within the 18th district of the Illinois Senate which includes the 19th Ward of Chicago (Beverly Morgan Park, and Mt. Greenwood), and the suburbs of Evergreen

Is the Bill, of rights Selective

The Second amendment is under attack on a daily basis. It was not designed to give hunters the right to hunt. It was to give us the citizen the means to protect our rights from others which include the government, and mobs. Assault weapons do have a purpose if your life is threatened by a

Congresswoman Judy Biggert update

Stop the Tax Hike Day We’ve had a busy Friday. This morning, I was the guest speaker at a meeting of Senator Mark Kirk’s Women’s Advisory Board. Afterwards, I hosted a roundtable discussion about the economy with members of the Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce. As it turns out, the hottest topic at both events

Hands off our Health Care

Last Saturday Morning the” Hands off our Health Care Rally” Successfully took place at Lockport H.S. The 300 plus people in attendance heard Speakers: Steve Balich, David From, Dr. Barbrara Bellar, Mark Batinick, Tim Kraudlidis, Dan Proft, speak out against the “Affordable Health Care Act” which is really the largest tax in American history. The

The stuff no one tells you

I am amazed that existing technology remains unknown to most people. Will County residents as well as all Americans need to know what is in use and working well? Why does our government talk of high speed rail never mentioning the Maglev Train that is already in use in China? Why are diesel cars made