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The election is one week out!!!

WOW …we are just a week away from the Elections. We are all hoping and praying for a great victory and a new direction for America on Nov. 6. Goodbye to Pres. Obama and hello to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!!! Many, many thanks to all that have helped and supported the great candidates we

Lipinski afraid to debate Grabowski

Hometown, Illinois – October 31, 2012 Lipinski Refuses Grabowski’s Challenge For Debates In Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District Race Since October 5th, 2012, Rich Grabowski, Republican candidate for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District seat, has sent letters and e-mails to his opponent, Dan Lipinski, challenging him to two debates before the General Election on November 6th. Three

Letter to the Editor from Governor Bobby Jindal

Today we announced a huge economic development win for Louisiana. Benteler Steel is investing $900 million in a new facility at the Port of Caddo-Bossier that will create 675 new direct jobs. LSU conducted a study on the economic impact of this investment and concluded that the project will result in more than 1,500 additional

Media Alert

Media Advisory: Radogno, Cross, Peck and Kalnicky to discuss their opposition to Property tax increase FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 24th, 2012 Who: Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno House Republican Leader Tom Cross Senate Candidate Garrett Peck House Candidate Bob Kalnicky What: 49th Senate District Candidate Garrett Peck (R- Plainfield), Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont),

The Case to Replace Obama Part 4

 At what point did the gov’t purposefully forget who they work for?  To what extent will they dismantle the military, banking, industry, transportation, media, health care, agriculture, education, faith, energy, family, money & police enough to meet what President Obama calls “the fundamental transformation of America”? -Is their next step Revolution? Are they