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Seniors beware/Obamacare is not what you think it is

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We all will be feeling the beginning effects of Obamacare starting January 1, 2013. Many parts of this law are already in effect. Doctors and Hospitals have already begun to feel the effects of this law. Decreases in reimbursement, for services rendered have already started and the decreases will increase even more in 2014. Many doctors with years of experiences will no longer be able to afford to take care of Medicare patients. The amount of paperwork the government requires forces the doctors to employ 1-2 more people in their offices just to handle the Medicare claims. With decreasing payments from the government, doctors will no longer accept any Medicare patients. This will create a shortage of doctors, which will result in longer waits for care and/or rationing.
Many doctors that I have spoken to are considering leaving the practice of medicine. Many people think of doctors as very wealthy people, however after paying malpractice insurance, office overhead (rent, employees, supplies, telephone, electric,) state and federal taxes, there is very little left. The next time you go to the doctor, try and think about how much of your Medicare pays the doctor after expenses. You would be surprised to know that they receive less than the co pays that those of us with insurance pay.
The press ridiculed Sarah Palin when she talked about the “death panel”. It turns out that she was right. It is not called a death panel it is called the IPAB, the independent payment advisory board. The 15 member board is appointed by the President. In 2014 they will take over the Medicare cost containment. Example doctor’s reimbursement for chemotherapy to a Medicare patient will be reduced. The government will decide which healthcare CONDITIONS will be covered. Can we say RATIONING?
Doctors will be required to have a discussion with all Medicare patients about end of life care. Everyone on social security will be required to attend an end of life seminar every 5 years. The government will decide what care we receive at the end of our lives instead of ourselves and our families.
Obamacare is a 2500+ page law that affects every aspect of our lives. This election is the most important election of our lives. So we need to choose between massive government control and individual freedom. Every vote counts and every voice needs to be heard. Vote early if you can, just vote on November 6th, 2012.

Janet E. Angus-Tavizon RN

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