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Press Release/Brian Woodworth | The Will County News
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Press Release/Brian Woodworth

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Brian Woodworth, Republican candidate for Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District, will hold a press conference Sunday, October 21st, at noon at the 10th Ward Republican Office, 13538 S. Brandon, Chicago, IL, in response to the robocall that Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., has recently bought.
“Congressman Jackson has finally reached out to his constituents through a robocall, in which he asks for patience and sympathy. We have been sympathetic towards him and prayed for his recovery from his condition. But there have been few times as critical as right now for our district to have representation, as our leaders search for answers to our economic crisis.
“As we wait for the Congressman to return, we have no voice. And now the Congressman is saying he has no answer about when he will return. When Congress reconvenes, it will be deciding the fate of our nation. It will be formulating a budget. It will be deciding appropriations. It will be weighing out where federal money will be best spent to push our nation out of its crisis.
“And if Jackson is re-elected, we will continue to have no voice. There will be no one to stand and advocate for the critical decisions needed to get our economy rolling, and no one to negotiate for the needs of the district.
“A vote for Jackson at this time will not be a show of sympathy; it will be a vote towards marginalization and disenfranchisement. A vote for Jackson is a vote against your right to be heard in government. Are you willing to stand in silence and watch your community be left behind at this most critical time for the nation? I sincerely hope not.
“Pray for Jackson’s health and recovery but give him time to recover outside of the strain of high elected office. Do the right thing for the district and vote for a person who is capable of advocating for the 2nd Congressional District—Brian Woodworth.”

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