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Case to get rid of Obama part 3

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 Radical Islam is more then a religion. It is a comprehensive socio-economic & political system. It is threatening America.
-In their eyes we Americans are the “infidels” that need to be destroyed in order to hasten the return of
the 12th Imam. In their eyes Israel is the Little Satan & we are the Big Satan.
-Some American courts are already using sharia law in their judgements.
-Did you know American sharia-compliant companies must give a percentage to terrorism? Caribou
Coffee, Citibank, AIG & etc…
-Did you know the Muslim Brotherhood (a known terrorist organization) has been invited to the White

 Is George Soros & radical Islam in bed with each other to overthrow capitalism?

 Equal opportunity encourages working whereas equal outcome (spreading the wealth) discourages working.
-President Obama now openly talks of his agenda to spread the wealth.
-The welfare roles are purposefully being expanded. The gov’t takers will be the dedicated voting base
for the gov’t givers.
-Are we on the road to Socialism? Communism? Marxism? Other?

 Charity is a personal responsibility from God & a personal responsibility to God.
-Charity determined by the gov’t is full of corruption & dismantles spiritual closeness & personal

 Salvation is a personal matter between God & man, not a collective matter.
-The gov’t does not determine our salvation.

 What is the story behind the decline of the traditional American family?
-Morality is becoming more & more a non-issue.
-Broken families often result in broken children.
-Brokenness results in chaos & in chaos gov’t power is so easily obtainable.

 Why has African American patriots been hidden from us?
-Why have we heard so little about Frederick Douglas, a very righteous African American man?
-Why has Booker T. Washington who wanted to stop modern day enslavement been virtually erased
from history?
-The progressive left wants us to believe they are inclusive when they have not & are not. This is one
of their hidden lies.
-Just read “American History in Black & White” by David Barton.
-Just read “The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution” by William Nell.

 Why have the majority of Planned Parenthood clinics been placed in the African American community?
-Check out “Margaret Sanger Founder of Planned Parenthhood In Her Own Words” . Do an internet

 Why have the progressive left specifically targeted the destruction of the African American family for so long?
-More money is received from the gov’t if the father is absent from the home.
-In a fatherless home, the more children one has, the more money one receives from the gov’t.

 What is happening to judging someone by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin?
-Character is individualistic & not collective.
-Read Martin Luther king Jr’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail”.


 Are not African Americans being deceived to keep them as a united voting base?
-Are the Hispanics also being deceived?

 The 1st Amendment bars gov’t from establishing a state sponsored religion.
-It’s purpose was never to dethrone God.

 Has the gov’t declared itself as a state sponsored religion?
-Do you want the gov’t to tell a religious institution what to do or say as long as it is not infringing on
another person’s God-given rights.
-Do not let the issue of “contraception” blind you to their real underlying motive of destroying
religious freedom.

 Were we not founded on Judeo-Christian principles & values?
-Is not American exceptionalism related to staying in the flow of God’s divine providence?
-Checkout “The American Patriot’s Bible”.

 Why can we no longer rely on the “mainstrean” media to tell the truth?
-Is not the gov’t giving the media their talking points?
-Is this not state controlled media?

 Why is true history being changed &/or devalued?
-All one needs to do is look at true history to find out the high cost of forgetting God. Just look at Nazi
Germany or the fall of the Roman Empire as prime examples.
-Watch the DVD “Tyranny” by Truth in Action Ministeries on the internet or order a copy by calling
1-800-988-7884. We encourage you to attach it to your facebook page &/or order these DVD’s to pass
out to family & friends (they cost only about $6/piece at this time).

 The indoctrination of our children by teachers & college professors as planned in the Saul Alinsky model is continuing & escalating.
-Why is critical thinking being stifled?
-Why is competition being removed?
-Why is history being taught in distortion?
-Why has God been removed from everything?
-Why is intimidation being used if one steps out of line?
-Why are they attempting to make home schooling illegal?
-Why is education so in decline?
-Does the gov’t know better how to raise our children then we do? They say they do, They tell our
children they do.
-Indoctrinated children grow up to be programmed adults. This is their objective!
-Real truth would expose this current lie-based education.
-Real truth with corrective action would allow teacher’s to again develop a child’s unique spiritual
gifting. Instead of being told what to think, children would again be taught to think for themselves.
Children would again be stimulated to learn, explore, question & achieve.
-Real truth with corrective action would set education free again.
-Light always exposes darkness!

 Currently President Obama is using executive orders to bypass the need of approval by either the legislative or judicial branches of gov’t at an ever increasing rate to seize power.
-Please note: executive orders are supposed to only be used by the President to manage the executive
branch only, not to govern the country. The system of checks & balances between the 3 branches of
gov’t are clearly articulated in our Constitution.
-Just imagine what the rate & depth of President Obama’s executive orders will be if he gets re-elected
& his concern for re-election no longer exists.

Iris Huisenger

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