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The Case to Replace Obama Part 4

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 At what point did the gov’t purposefully forget who they work for?

 To what extent will they dismantle the military, banking, industry, transportation, media, health care,
agriculture, education, faith, energy, family, money & police enough to meet what President Obama
calls “the fundamental transformation of America”?
-Is their next step Revolution? Are they purposefully promoting this thru inciting racism, class
warfare & acts of anarchy which will then lead to a final power grab if all goes according to
their plans? Was this not their purpose for Occupy Wall Street? Will Occupy Wall Street or some
form of it reappear after the election?

 The Declaration of Independence tells us why America exists & our Constitution tells us how we continue to exist as free country.

 Our Constitution is undergoing destruction at an ever increasing rate.
-President Obama has indicated our Constitution has been standing in his way to fundamentally
change America.

 It was purposeful that our founders enlarged the words “WE THE PEOPLE” in the Preamble to our US Constitution.
-Our founders knew our Constitution would forever be in danger of destruction & it must be “WE THE
PEOPLE” that protects & preserves it!

 Our freedom is so in jeopardy!
-WE are being torn apart.
-WE are being told by the gov’t how to think & act.
-WE are being dumbed down.
-They are trying to silence us.

 We believe love is an action. In loving service for my Lord we must protect our gift of freedom given to us by God. Love for the Lord conquers fear.

 Truth in action in love will keep us free. Truth in action in love will set our country free again.

 Indifference will destroy our Constitution & thus our country founded in freedom.

 Has it not been said, all that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to be silent?

 Not to stand is to take a stand. Not to speak is to speak without words..

Citizens in defense of freedom Iris Huisenger

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