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Lipinski afraid to debate Grabowski | The Will County News
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Lipinski afraid to debate Grabowski

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Hometown, Illinois – October 31, 2012
Lipinski Refuses Grabowski’s Challenge For Debates In Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District Race

Since October 5th, 2012, Rich Grabowski, Republican candidate for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District seat, has sent letters and e-mails to his opponent, Dan Lipinski, challenging him to two debates before the General Election on November 6th. Three and a half weeks later, those requests have still gone unanswered. Not a peep from the Lipinski.

“I think it’s quite rude that our sitting congressman, who claims to reach across the aisle to shake hands with Republicans, would ignore one of the biggest opportunities to do just that and have a two sided civil debate on serious national issues, while in the presence of citizens, voters and constituents”, Grabowski said. “Sadly it’s too late to set up a debate with less than a week left before the election now. I was really looking forward to this opportunity.”

“I further call on the media to not endorse Lipinski unless it has been afforded an opportunity to question him and deliberate with me in a public forum.” Grabowski said. “It’s a sad commentary that not only have tens of thousands of constituents in the Third Congressional District lost incomes, jobs, homes, and their dreams because of Dan Lipinski and his kinship with President Obama, but given Dan’s refusal to debate and engage in the public process, it seems that the voters have lost their true congressional representation as well.”

“I don’t know what he’s so worried about! I’m really a nice guy to talk to”, Rich says. “I’m a voter just like the rest of his constituents. I’m pro-life, just like he is too. Yet, that’s where we draw the conservative line. That’s the one and only single social conservative issue he supports. Make no mistake. Being only pro-life doesn’t make you conservative, but it does means you have a respect for the sanctity of life, and I respect his position on this important issue. Besides being pro-life, I am also socially conservative and fiscally conservative”, Rich adds. “I’m pro-family, and pro-one-man, one-woman marriage. Dan voted ‘present’ on Gay marriage, so we really don’t know how he feels about that. It doesn’t take much to make up your mind and make a yes or no decision, but it is spineless to be indecisive in the face of political heat. That’s our district he’s misrepresenting by doing that!”

With numerous questionable congressional votes and district wide misrepresentation from Dan over his 8 years of service, from also voting ‘present’ on the Eric Holder contempt of Congress vote, to bailouts, to his half truth claims that he voted ‘no’ on Obamacare, yet voted against the repeal of Obamacare, to his pay to play actions with a Bedford Park company that he personally stepped in to help save, Dan’s intentions have helped pave our road to hell. Dan claims in his campaign and official literature that he worked very hard to help Hoist Liftruck President, Marty Flaska, save his company and acquire a Federal Defense Department contract through the Buy American Act, but it turns out the owner contributed $2,000 to Dan’s campaign, which is a clear violation of FEC and other laws. You help me, I’ll help you.

If you recall, Dan Lipinski is Mike Madigan’s handpicked Congressman’s son, who was brought up from Tennessee to finish his father, Bill Lipinski’s, election without a primary race. Even die hard Chicago Democrats were duped to find out that it was the son they voted for that year. The Lipinski name and the nepotism and cronyism influence of Madigan’s Chicago machine are virtually synonymous on the south side.

It’s time we turn the responsibility to represent the people of the 3rd District over to someone new. We need fresh blood, someone who is on top of the issues, independent enough to make common sense decisions in the interests of our citizens and taxpayers, and has a spine to stand up to pressures from members of both parties. That someone is Rich Grabowski.

“What’s at stake this year? Everything!” says Rich. “The fate of our United States Constitution, the heart and soul of America, the spirit of our traditional American way of life, and the promise of our children’s and our children’s children’s future freedoms that will all depend on the level headed, commonsensical and coherent, fiscal managing and policy making decision that you will make, for our future and for our future generations, in the 2012 elections! You deserve better! Choose wisely on November 6th!”


For further details please contact:

Richard L. Grabowski
Conservative Republican Candidate For
US Congress – IL 3rd Congressional District

Phone: 708-769-9345
E-mail: Rich@RichardGrabowski.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RichardLGrabowski

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