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The election is one week out!!!

WOW …we are just a week away from the Elections. We are all hoping and praying for a great victory and a new direction for America on Nov. 6.
Goodbye to Pres. Obama and hello to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!!!
Many, many thanks to all that have helped and supported the great candidates we have this election. Also, many thanks for being a part of a powerful movement that has fought for the future of our great country. This truly is a battle for the heart and soul of our country, our cities and our counties.
Let’s keep reminding and challenging our families and friends to think about their vote and their future. Vote Republican for responsible government, and to keep the Chicago Machine out of Will County.
Constitutional Amendment article explaining both sides

Judges to retain in Will County: Judges Rozak and Schmidt (these are our suggestions)
We are excited for our great slate of candidates. Here are our suggestions for office in the Will County area. Vote to keep out the Chicago Democrat Machine out of Will County.
The good news is we are excited about the entire Republican slate. Here are some highlights –
Edgar Montalvo for 19th District State Senate
RICHARD L. GRABOWSKI for 3rd Congressional District
Christine Radogno, Jim Durkin, and Renee Kosel are unopposed
US Congress Judy Biggert (because we don’t want Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker of the House)
State Senate: 49th Garrett Peck/43rd Sandy Johnson/42nd Peter Hurtado,
State Rep: 86th Ryan Martin Alm and 98th Bob Kalnicky,
Will County Executive: Cory Singer, Auditor: Mark Batinick, States Attorney: Dave Carlson, Recorder of Deeds: Laurie McPhillips, Coroner: Chuck Lyons, Circuit Clerk: Marlene Carlson

Will County Board Picks for the Homer Lockport area are: Steve Balich. Mike Fricilone, and Jerry Ramirez
Vote Republican for Will County Board!

God Bless all of you,
Will County Tea Party Alliance

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