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Obama is the wrong direction

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I am proud to be an American. I believe in the Constitution. I recognize that many people gave their life for our Constitutition starting in the late 1700’s and carrying on today. We are a resilient people unlike any other. We love our freedom. We are not socialist. We are not passive sheeple ready to follow what we are told when we disagree. We love our country but despise anyone who upsets our morals, ethics, or values. We Americans will rise to whatever it takes to protect our way of life. When I am told I need end of life counseling, I am outraged. When I hear we need an energy bill because of global warming that is not proven exist has a purpose of raising taxes, I am angry. When I see our government printing more and more money that goes to the banks that the Government forced to provide bad loans to people that were bad risks, I don’t understand. When I see friends and family loosing their jobs or getting cuts in pay while the Government becomes more bloated, I ask why. When the education system, and the local Government tax people out of their homes with boards that are composed of people that live in the taxing district, I am bewildered. When illegal’s get full benefits to social programs, school, and numerous Government programs that citizens that work have no access, I wonder when the people paying for all this can’t anymore, and when the system will fail; or do people say enough before that happens. There are so many assaults on the American way of life that we can’t keep up with them. People need to rise up and say enough, over and over in an effort to stop the assault on our freedom. Say enough to the Health plan that will let the government decide who lives and dies. Say enough to the Cap and Trade Energy bill that will tax every form of energy in the name of Global Warming. Say enough to amnesty for illegal’s, to taking over private companies by the government, printing money that our children’s children will have to pay back for banks and investment companies that failed because of failed policies, and enough to the Tyranny that the people we have elected are imposing on us.

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