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Letter to the Editor by Chris Mc Neil concerning the election

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Letter to the Editor
November 13, 2012

The results of last week’s election have startled and shocked me to the core. Though I want to try not to over-react, I cannot help but find myself believing that the American Dream has died. The ideal of Americanism, or exceptionalism in our cause and our reason for being, has indeed ended.

No longer are we a nation, but rather a grouping of competing producers and takers – aligned against one another in micro-targeted factions; industrialized and ‘modern’ blue states that are rushing head-long towards collectivism, aligned against ‘traditional,’ conservative, and free-market oriented red states.

Though the electoral battle between these factions has ended for now, the process of sorting out the consequences of this election begins with a startling pace. Expect to see more and more business owners (employers) leaving the community and therefore taking job opportunities and higher living standards with them. In their place, we shall witness an ever-increasing government presence attempt to fill the void.

Expect even our local leaders to begin the long march in this wrong direction.

To many of us, last Tuesday was a funeral, which explains why we feel so bad and listless.

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