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Tea Party organizers agree/ We are not dead

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By: Tim Kraulidis – Will County Tea Party Alliance

Wow, after this election some in the media are so excited to throw dirt on the grave of the Tea Party that they left their journalistic credibility behind. I was interviewed by a local Newspaper reporter (Joliet News Herald) about the evolution of the Tea Party movement and how our Will County Tea Party Alliance would fair after this last election. Let me be clear, we discussed “evolving not dissolving.” On my drive to work today I heard again on WLS Radio that Will County Tea Party Alliance was dissolving. I did not know we were this popular. In this case (among others), I guess the truth does not matter in the Medias so anticipated and wishful storyline. So, let’s get to the facts.

Based on the media’s giddiness to report a false narrative, I guess we are left to believe that people do not desire balanced budgets, fewer taxes, less intrusive more responsible government anymore. Just the opposite, go ask your neighbor if they believe in these issues. More than not you will get an affirmative answer that these issues need to be seriously addressed.

Let’s be real clear here. The Tea Party movement has been attacked with the intent on marginalizing it. This is the oldest political tactic in the book. Ordinary citizens aren’t always used to the way politicians and their willing friends in the press operate. Because of these very same people, ordinary citizens will now fall victim to the consequences of this Administration policies. They will feel the squeeze of increased taxation which leads to less money to pay their bills. They will fall victim to a Healthcare systems that heaps additional taxes on them while providing poorer services. They will fall victim to further job loss due to a government that is hostile to the private sector. They will fall victim to all the consequences that come from a government that runs up trillion dollar deficits, tens of trillions of standing debt, and hundreds of trillions of dollars of promised unfunded future services (unfunded mandates).

Sooner or later the Ponzi scheme ends. The politicians that support these practices are exposed (both Democratic and Republican). The media that ran interference for them will also be exposed. Guess what? We will still be here fighting when they do. In addition we will be there ready to welcome so many more of our scarred fellow citizens that will discover they have been lied to, again. So you can put your shovels down for now. We are here to stay, like it or not.

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