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Megan Fox/ PORNOGRAPHY ok in Orland Park Library | The Will County News
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Megan Fox/ PORNOGRAPHY ok in Orland Park Library

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The Price I Paid for Fighting for a Library Free of Porn and Sex Offenders
When did “To Protect and Serve” become “To Harass and Punish?” My experience with police harassment coming soon to communities near you…

Megan Fox
January 6, 2014

Those who have been following my series on this know that on October 4th, 2013 I experienced discrimination and encountered a hostile and sexually harassing environment in the Orland Park Public Library. I complained to the Library Board about what I experienced, and instead of the Board addressing my concerns as a citizen and Library patron, the Board instituted a campaign of using the Orland Park Police Department to retaliate against me for making my complaint.
October 8th: Library Director Mary Weimar emailed Chief of Police Timothy J. McCarthy and pressed him to investigate my YouTube account and harass me over a three-year old video I posted to YouTube in support of the Second Amendment. In doing this, Director Weimar violated local ordinance 8-6-1-1, which defines “disorderly conduct” as,
“To transmit in any manner to any peace officer, public officer, or public employee a report to the effect that an offense has been committed, knowing at the time of such transmission that there is no reasonable ground for believing that such an offense has been committed.”
Ironically, that’s just one definition of “disorderly conduct” in Orland Park (it’s definition #12). Part of my complaint to the Library was that I observed men openly viewing pornography and becoming sexually aroused in the second floor computer area, where I felt a sexually hostile environment was created for women by this activity. That makes the men’s actions “disorderly conduct” also under ordinance 8-6-1-1, but definition #4.
“To be openly lewd or do any act of public indecency tending to debauch the public morals.”
I complained about disorderly conduct not being reported to police in this Library, and to punish me for that, the Library Director committed disorderly conduct herself by “transmitting a report” to the Police Chief via email when she knew full well that there was no reasonable ground to believe that my YouTube videos had committed any offense.
What Library Director Weimar was doing, clearly, was a strategy of harassment involving “building a record” on a target. This is Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in action (a favorite playbook of the Left.) Specifically, this was Alinsky Rule #13: pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Because I criticized the Library and started to expose the terrible things that were happening there, the Library Board decided I needed to be discredited, defamed, intimidated, and eliminated as a critic.
My suspicions that this was a deliberate plan to “build a record” on me were confirmed when Director Weimar committed disorderly conduct again on 11/4/13 by calling 911 in an attempt to have the police arrest me for handing out leaflets outside the Library on public property advising parents that disorderly conduct dangerous to children was being committed regularly inside the building. At the time she made the call to the police, Director Weimar knew there was no reasonable ground to believe that I had committed any offense, but she contacted “a peace officer, public officer, or public employee” to report me anyway. That’s twice in a row this woman committed disorderly conduct… and twice that the Orland Park Police filled out paperwork listing me as a “Subject” of a police investigation. The record on me was thus building, but Chief McCarthy declined to complete any paperwork on Ms. Weimar or the Library Board for making nuisance calls and false reports and committing disorderly conduct (even though the Library was violating ordinances in harassing me).
I continued to speak out about what was going on in the Library with men viewing porn and becoming sexually aroused in a building full of children. I used the Freedom of Information Act here in Illinois to uncover 12 reports of disorderly conduct and sex crimes committed in the Library, including the accessing of child porn and incidents involving men masturbating in the Library or harassing women after viewing porn.
I spoke up about this at 10/21/13 Board meeting. At that meeting, I was bullied and berated by James Fessler, a partner at Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins who represents the Library. I posted footage on YouTube on 10/22/23 of Mr. Fessler acting in a sexist and misogynistic way towards me at the meeting, and on 10/23/13 Mr. Fessler retaliated against me by — you guessed it — calling the police and, thus, transmitting to a peace officer yet another report that an offense was committed when he knew full well that there was no reasonable ground for believing such an offense was committed.
In this case, a partner in a law firm tried to convince the police to come after me because he claimed he had received “annoying” phone calls and emails from the public after people started watching his behavior on the YouTube video. And he apparently blamed me for this. The police wasted precious resources and man hours not only investigating me again, but stationing patrol cars in front of Mr. Fessler’s house at great expense to taxpayers. Mr. Fessler also committed disorderly conduct under the ordinance by doing this, since there’s no way a trained attorney could have any reasonable belief an offense was committed in this situation. Yet, Chief McCarthy chose never to investigate Mr. Fessler for doing this. But, the “build a record against her!” strategy employed against me gained the third report in a row, which had at this point become a file.
The campaign to silence me as a critic intensified in November, when on 11/14/13 I sent an email to all Library staff members I could identify informing of their rights under the EEOC to not work in a sexually hostile workplace. I know the email was received by several staffers before I was reported by IT and my email address was somehow blocked at that point and I was no longer able to send emails to anyone on the Library’s server. I had an important document that needed to go to Board President Nancy Healy and it had to reach her before Monday 11/18/13. With email closed off to me, I did not trust being able to drop it off to her at the Library because I believed that Director Weimar would prevent it from reaching her. I Googled Healy’s address and found it in five seconds in her election filings posted by the SouthTown Star. I wanted to mail the document to her (which included an invitation to tea and an attempt to set up a conference on what had been going on to see if she could ramp things down) but I knew it would never get to her in time via the mail. So, I got in my car and I dropped the letter off on her doorstep.
Nancy Wendt Healy (sister of George Wendt from Cheers) then committed disorderly conduct herself on 11/14/13 by calling the police and again transmitting to a police officer that an offense had been committed when she knew full well there was no reasonable ground to believe that such an offense had really been committed. After her call to police, it resulted in an “official” threat of arrest to me at my home through an Officer Carone, who was sadly misinformed of Illinois trespassing laws. He tried to “officially notify” me of criminal trespass, but Illinois law says only an owner or the owner’s agent (with power of attorney) may officially notify someone of criminal trespass. What the officer did in lying to me about the law and falsely threatening me with arrest was clear intimidation and would never hold up in court. I particularly liked the part where he tried to ban me from using the US Postal Service to mail anything to her. You can hear that phone call here.
For the record, this is the fourth time the library district has used the police as a tool of harassment against me.


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