Take a look at America’s future


If you want to know what America will soon look like, look no further than Venezuela.
Despite sitting on some of the world’s greatest oil reserves, Venezuela’s Marxist government is collapsing. It’s not a pretty sight.
The American media is giving short shrift to the Venezuelan situation. People are starving. It is so bad that zoo animals have been butchered for food. Bakery owners are being imprisoned for making unapproved bread and because lines form outside their shops.
Street protests are growing in number and would be of even greater size if so many of the people weren’t too weak from hunger to protest.
Still hundreds of thousands are in the streets daily, and have been for weeks, protesting President Nicolás Maduro and demanding immediate presidential elections. Maduro has responded by dancing in public, nationalizing multinational corporations and vowing to rewrite the nation’s constitution in order to cement his power.
Clashes are getting ever-more violent. At least 37 have died in the most recent rounds of unrest. On Wednesday, video emerged of a government armored vehicle rolling over protesters, seriously injuring at least one.

It is curious that when a “terrorist” rolls a truck over a crowd in France or Switzerland, we get wall-to-wall coverage from the mainstream media, but when a government truck rolls over a crowd, the MSM is mum, demonstrating their power over public perception.
I predicted Venezuela’s collapse in the March 2008 issue of The Bob Livingston Letter™ (subscription required), writing:

Witness Zimbabwe today: 7,000 percent inflation and the once great and prosperous nation called Rhodesia is now in chaos and collapse.
The same inflation printing press money is fast building in Venezuela. Unless they have a regime change, total collapse lies ahead.

Although they changed titular heads because of the cancer death of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela did not have regime change. Now, inflation in Venezuela is approaching 2,000 percent. Its currency collapse began in 2012.
How could I have predicted this? Socialism and printing press money regimes always collapse. And so, too, will America.
Inflation is a great illusion. Few understand or try to understand it. Yet it is the great theft and hidden tax on the entire population.
What is inflation? Just pull your wallet out and get a green piece of paper called dollars or currency. You have in your hand inflation, a product of the “money creators.”
Every dollar created as well as all the credit created is inflation. This is a huge secret of the elite insiders.
The important thing to understand is that inflation (creating money) is theft coupled with destruction of wealth and eventually ruin. All who hold dollars are at risk but few realize it.
And not many will understand or believe that what is happening in Venezuela, and what happened in Zimbabwe in 2000-2009, and what happened in the Weimar Republic in Germany in 1923 is repeating in the U.S.
Our politicians and government men are just as greedy as any in the past — anywhere in the world.
Before inflation becomes deflation at the end, there are many illusions simply because we are not conscious of the difference between nominal (inflated) dollars and constant dollars measured from a base purchasing power 60 to 70 years ago. Constant dollars don’t change. Nominal (inflation) dollars change every day. The reason the public is confused is the gradual change.
People will accept anything gradually over time.
The American people have gone from freedom to fascism in 200 years and most are totally oblivious to it.
I will write more on this in the coming weeks.