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After reading this article I wanted to scream “IDIOTS”. We in Illinois don’t have a budget and there is none in sight. We in Illinois elect people that want to spend more money than we take in. We in Illinois want to give public sector employees raises every year and tax everything that a human touches except air. No wonder people have no desire to stay in this expensive land that once was one of the best places in the U.S. to live.
Now Illinois wants to make illegals legal by a vote of cowardly elected officials who are afraid to go against the liberal narrative. So bankrupt Illinois will temp the Federal Government to cut off all federal funding in the name of more votes for the Democrat Party. Illinois will pay for the health and welfare of those who need it at taxpayer expense. Illinois has strict gun laws yet Chicago is the most dangerous city in the world, and financially bankrupt. Chicago Public Schools operate to a large extent on money from the rest of the State that has no money to pay for its needs.
So now we invite more crime, more welfare, less jobs, dropping wages, and more cost to the taxpayer with the Sanctuary State. I guess Illinois politicians that voted for this think money can be just harvested from continual flowering money trees they believe each tax payer owns. Vote out of office any elected official that voted for this stupidity.


From Illinois Review May 5,2017

SPRINGFIELD – Despite threats from the Trump Administration to cut federal law enforcement funding to jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials, Illinois is moving towards becoming the nation’s fifth sanctuary state after California, Connecticut, New Mexico and Colorado.
With one vote to spare, the Illinois Senate passed a SB 031 Thursday, which would set Illinois state-funded schools, health care centers and secretary of state facilities as “safe zones” for undocumented immigrants to find protection from federal law enforcement.

In those locations throughout the state, state and local police would be prohibited from arresting persons based on their immigration status – the same practice now in place in the city of Chicago and Cook County.
Those senators signing onto SB 031 are all Democrats – Sen. John J. CullertonDon HarmonIris Y. MartinezDaniel BissMartin A. Sandoval, Cristina Castro, Heather A. Steans, Omar Aquino, Linda Holmes, Jacqueline Y. Collins, Patricia Van Pelt, Ira I. Silverstein and David Koehler.
The bill will now proceed to the Illinois House, where a similar measure stalled earlier this year.
A House query with the Department of Human Services estimated the minimal cost for the program would be $5 million, based on the current $1.9 million Immigrant Family Resource Program (IFRP), which educates and assists immigrants on Department of Human Service (DHS) benefits.
That amount would be likely to grow substantially, the findings showed, because in addition to providing multi-lingual education, DHS would be responsible for the required training of various providers–such as health care and education–statewide.
That number does not include the cost of the state-provided benefits for those escaping law enforcement – and encouraging non-citizens to evade federal laws.
“I just didn’t want to lose the irony of the moment that we’re going to pass a law to tell law enforcement not to enforce the law,” the Tribune reported Sen. Tim Bivins, R-Dixon, said during the Senate debate.
When Illinois Review reported on this measure being introduced in the Illinois House earlier this year, nine Democrats had signed on as co-sponsors. The number of House Democrats signing onto the idea has increased substantially since that time:
Rep. Emanuel Chris WelchKathleen WillisElizabeth HernandezTheresa MahRobyn Gabel, Ann M. Williams, Gregory Harris, Thaddeus Jones, Silvana Tabares, Kelly M. Cassidy, Michael J. Zalewski, Laura Fine, Litesa E. Wallace, Christian L. Mitchell, Rita Mayfield, Lawrence Walsh, Jr., Will Guzzardi, Luis Arroyo, Camille Y. Lilly, Daniel J. Burke, Sam Yingling, La Shawn K. Ford, Anna Moeller, Barbara Flynn Currie, Juliana Stratton, Natalie A. Manley, Sara Feigenholtz, William Davis, Jaime M. Andrade, Jr., Linda Chapa LaVia and Carol Ammons