The criminal is white so… ‘Trump’


The kneejerk mainstream media and their leftist anti-Trump sycophantic followers are at it again.
The man who stabbed and killed two people and injured another on a Portland, Oregon train over the weekend is a white man who is alleged to have spewed anti-Muslim slurs at two women, one of whom was wearing a hajib. So naturally, the MSM put 2 and 2 together and got 5 or 7 or something… that he’s by extension a Donald Trump supporter.
Except he’s not… except when he is.
What one finds if he looks beyond the MSM’s kneejerk anti-Trump bias is that the stabber, whose name will not be printed here, is a habitual criminal who hates everyone except Bernie Sanders — which is especially curious given that he claims to hate Jews – and is likely mentally ill or a heavy user of drugs… or both. He was also reported to have been shot in the face during one of his run-ins with police.
The stabber’s Facebook page is loaded with pro-Bernie Sanders and anti-Trump and anti-Hillary Clinton posts, including a desire to rip both Trump and Clinton “limb from limb,” and a call for Hillary supporters to be killed by “Bernie Supporters (sic) who didn’t turn traitor and vote  Hillary…”
In addition to his white supremacist rantings – which the media latched on to – his Facebook feed is filled with threats to assault “anyone wearing a Hillary shirt.”
That post continues:

Maybe a few Home Invasion (sic) if you got that stupid sign in front of yer (sic) house. Maybe just throw rocks thru yer (sic) windows… Hillary is a Warhawk (sic) and refused Honduran refugees from a situation she created making Honduras the most violent country in the Western Hemisphere per capita!!! Fuck that Slimy Whore!!! Can’t wait til (sic) she sets foot in my Rip City!!

That profound rant was followed by his own reply:

Anybody wants to join me in smashing some Clinton Crime Family and Trump Mafia supporters give me a ring…

In April the stabber attended a free speech march where he was seen carrying a baseball bat and was draped in a 1776 flag.

In the hours after the attack, the Twitterverse lit up with MSM talking heads and pundits calling on Trump to “condemn” the attack, implying he was somehow responsible. And as if Trump’s condemnation would somehow mean… what?
Trump finally did capitulate and “condemn” the attack, via his @POTUS twitter account:

The violent attacks in Portland on Friday are unacceptable. The victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. Our prayers are w/ them.

But I’m yet to find a single call from anyone asking Bernie Sanders to condemn the attack.
Why is that?