Madigan and cronies out of office. We need a budget based on spending cuts, freeze on wages, elimination of the defined benefit pension, property tax freeze across with no exemptions, and a 1% cut in every line item just to begin. Stop all new programs and eliminate any program that is not an necessity. Jesus ,you said it perfectly!!!!!!!!

By Jesus Alaniz July 2017
“Crisis is the cry of a tyrant” it was once said and reaffirmed by Rahm Emanuel when he asserted that a crisis must never go to waste. Hence, the drama of the Illinois budget and deficit has continued. I’ve heard tons of misinformation being floated out.
I’m told that taxes need to be raised to take care of the basic “rights” of the poor and education. This is all nonsense. First of all these so called rights are not listed in the Bill of Rights. If they were, then the Illinois government would be obligated to fund firearms to its citizens under the II Amendment which is in the Bill of Rights. Then there’s the argument that the Illinois Constitution is grounds for raising taxes. I’ve had to forego taking an oath of office because the oath required that I uphold the US and Illinois Constitution as anyone familiar with founding of country can clearly tell you that the Ill and US Constitution are incompatible. The federal asserts you protections while the state enslaves you at will to fund their pet projects so the politicians can get reelected.
Illinois democrats cry that there is no money yet they continue to dole out unnecessary bills with large amounts of funding. Example, the house Il HB4008 which “grants” several districts dollars to help fund violence awareness, youth services, after school programs etc. First there is no money, second, the jobs are leaving ILL as fast as they can raise taxes and all of these funds “coincidently” go to Democrat Districts with zero accountability or receipt requirements. Is it any wonder that in 2014, Illinois ranked as the 4th most corrupt state in the nation but has now moved up to no. 3 as of March 2017? I suppose one could call that “progress”.
There are those that tell me that the majority of Ill voters stand strong by the Illinois Democrats, but, I would remind them that it only two voters (CAT & Butterball) to vote with their feet and put 1,600 people out of work. RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) are also to blame. During this past Independence Day I’m reminded of Ronald Reagan’s words as more Illinoisans and companies vow to leave; “Republicans believe every day is the 4th of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15”. How true Mr. President, how true.