Trump’s Favorite Industry Is on the Rise
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Written Thursday, July 20, 2017
It’s now been six months since the nation welcomed (I use that term loosely) its latest president — the 45th, and certainly most controversial — Donald J. Trump into office.
Since his arrival, the nation has divided itself on levels never before seen, with ideological feuds taking place not across state borders, but across dinner tables, between coworkers, neighbors, friends, and generations living under the same roof.
By now we’re all quite familiar with the effects, as we’ve been living with them and witnessing them in the news on a daily basis.
We’ve seen the university protests, the riots, the marches on Washington.
But one effect that goes largely ignored by the media is the response to this new POTUS on Wall Street.
Since Trump’s Election Day victory, investors have reaped a $4 trillion windfall in what’s been dubbed the “Trump Bump” — a bullish period that pushed the Dow and the S&P up more than 10% each and the Nasdaq up nearly 15%.
These gains have been spread across a fairly wide spectrum of companies and sectors. Not all are directly attributable to Trump or any of his advertised policies, but a few in particular do stand out.

Leave the Tweeting to the Protestors
Below are four charts from four major players within a single industry… and the pattern is undeniable.

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trumps3 trumps4

They almost look like they could be mirror images of one another, but the fact is the only thing these three companies have in common is that they all hold large chunks of market share within the same sector: defense.
Can’t Keep Them Down
These four charts track the stock prices of Boeing (NYSE: BA), Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), Raytheon (NYSE: RTN), and Honeywell (NYSE: HON).
Mind you, two of these companies, Lockheed and Boeing, came under the president’s personal fire via Twitter for two costly projects they’d been contracted to execute: the F-35 in the case of Lockheed, and the new Air Force One fleet from Boeing.
Despite that negative press, the prospective budget for 2018 lists defense as one of the only major increases — and the result, well, you see above.
Still, even these gains — which, for Boeing, amounted to tens of billions all on its own — are just a drop in the bucket.
So the question is, what else has benefited disproportionately since the arrival of Trump, and why?
This is something the pundits have been trying to figure out, or at least guess at, since long before November 8, 2016.
Today, however, with the results becoming evident — and the surprises surfacing — on a daily basis (Wall Street has been predicting a correction since February), we’re left pondering which trends are going to continue.
It’s not a simple question, and there’s no clear-cut answer. Moreover, we don’t even know what sort of timeline we’re dealing with.
Will this be a four-year trend? An eight-year trend? It’s impossible to say.

The Time Is Now
What is clear is that the political climate Trump continues to feed has spurred incredible demand for a select group of industries, with defense being just one.
We decided that this topic needed more than just some editorial. It needed a dedicated newsletter.
Since launching New Century Report last month, we’ve already recorded double-digit profits on two companies — one of which traded 50% above the price at recommendation for a time.
It feels good to be one of the first to identify and isolate a macro-trend like this, but, as I already said, it’s only getting started.
The vast majority of this politically driven force (and, let’s face it, it’s far bigger than Trump or his administration) is still in the future — along with the effects it brings.
What it might do to the tech, commodities, resource, and health care industries will take months, maybe years to fully appreciate.
Like him, tolerate him, or hate him, you cannot deny that Trump in the White House has given us one of the strongest and definitely the least stable catalysts seen in the modern investment universe.
Emotions aside, getting ahead of this trend could be the most important thing that happens in your trading career.
To get a better idea of what New Century Report is all about and some of the opportunities we’ve already unlocked for our subscribers, check out this podcast I recently published, hosted by one of our content creators here at Angel Publishing, Alexandra Perry.
Fortune favors the bold,
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