The Elected County Wide Positions are: County Clerk, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Sheriff, Auditor, Treasurer, States Attorney, Coroner, County Executive, Regional Office of Education, and Recorder of Deeds. Presently they receive a salary of apx. $90, 000 plus, and benefits.
The Will County Board removed, County Board members from the pension program some months ago. County Board members who took the pension were told they can take their pension, or get their money back with interest.
Mike Fricilone and myself Steve Balich did not take the pension from the start. I agree with the statement made by Mike Fricilone at the 8/10/2017 Executive Committee.” Elected officials should not take the pension. Pensions are for a career employee not for public servants who can change with each election. There is no enforcement how many hours they work as they answer only to the public. The IMRF pension plan only requires 600 hours per year which is 11 ½ hours a week with reporting done by the elected office holder. Pension double dipping, is another problem. The County Board will vote on August 17th to keep or remove the pension from these offices.        Mike Fricilone on WBBM Radio

Please Contact Your County Board Member And Tell Them You Want The Pension Program Program for Elected County Officials Removed

Contact for Will County Board staff      Phone: 815-740-4602   Email:

Steve Balich, District 7 (R-Homer Glen)  Phone: 815-557-7196
Darren Bennefield, District 5 (R-Aurora) Phone: 312-479-8478
Herbert Brooks, Jr., District 8 (D-Joliet), Minority Leader Phone: 815-726-7080
Gloria Dollinger, District 10 (R-Joliet) Phone: 815-210-6684
Mark Ferry, District 13 (D-Plainfield) Phone: 815-436-6119
Mike Fricilone, District 7 (R-Homer Glen) Phone:
Gretchen Fritz, District 5 (R-Plainfield)
Don Gould, District 6 (R-Shorewood) Phone: 815-744-2669    Phone: 815-725-7665
Kenneth Harris, District 4 (D-Bolingbrook) Phone: 630-605-8751
Suzanne Hart, District 11 (R-Naperville) Phone: 630-745-7783
Tim Kraulidis, District 13 (R-Joliet) Phone: 815-999-1917
Tyler Marcum, District 10 (D-Joliet) Phone: 815-600-3985
Charles “Chuck” Maher, District 11 (R-Naperville), Majority Leader Phone: 630-357-0585 Phone: 630-642-2616
Debbie Militello, District 6 (R-Channahon) Phone: (815) 715-1703
Donald Moran, District 3 (D-Romeoville) Phone: 815-370-2966
Judy Ogalla, District 1 (R-Monee) Phone: 708-710-3701
James (Jim) Moustis, District 2 (R-Frankfort), County Board Speaker Phone: 815-469-4907
Annette Parker, District 9 (R-Crest Hill) Phone: 815-955-9778
Beth Rice, District 3 (D-Bolingbrook) Phone: 630-699-1639
Cory Singer, District 2 (R-Frankfort) Phone: 815-685-2100
Lauren Staley-Ferry, District 9 (D-Joliet) Phone: 224-217-8722
Laurie Summers, District 1 (D-Crete) Phone: 779-279-6883
Jacqueline Traynere, District 4 (D-Bolingbrook) Phone: 630-240-9178
Ray Tuminello, District 12 (R-New Lenox) Phone: 815-405-8452
Tom Weigel, District 12 (R-New Lenox) Phone: 815-722-0881
Denise Winfrey, District 8 (D-Joliet) Phone: 815-722-4220   Cell: 815-258-2403

Discussion on pensions begins at 42:30 minutes
I am asking you to please contact your County Board Member ASAP. Your voice does make a difference .
Written By Steve Balich 815-557-7196