Will County Speaker Calling For A Countywide Hiring Freeze

Will County Board Speaker Jim Moustis (R-Frankfort) has called for a countywide hiring freeze for the 2018 fiscal year. His announcement was made in the wake of the recently passed state of Illinois budget which reduced funding for local governments. He has also asked county departments to hold the line on personnel hires for the remainder of this year’s fiscal budget.
Local governments across Illinois, such as Will County, will see less funding from the state of Illinois as it keeps a greater percentage of local sales tax receipts and decreases replacement tax allocations, local distribution funds, sales tax surcharges, and regional transit authority dollars. Will County specifically will see $2.4 million less. Finally, county health insurance premiums for employees are expected to rise by an estimated $2.3 million next year. In total, Will County will have to make up for a $4.7 million reduction in revenue. The total county budget for the current fiscal year is $570 million.
Along with a temporary hiring freeze, Moustis asked departments not to increase their budgets for personnel during the next fiscal year. Essential services, such as the Sunny Hill Nursing Home, would be exempt from the freeze. Individuals currently in the hiring process would also not be affected.