ISRA Thursday Bulletin – September 28, 2017


Executive Directors Message
The SHARE Act (H.R. 3668) is beginning to draw fire from the hysterical left-wing media who, of course, is spreading fake news.  For example, after decrying lead in ammunition, “they” are now claiming any ammunition that does not contain lead is armor piercing.  Regulations regarding armor piercing ammunition is unaffected by H.R. 3668, but facts don’t matter.  The goal, of course, is to scare the non- gun owning public.  Now is the time to call your congressman and tell them to support the SHARE Act.  I would also ask them to become a co-sponsor if they have not already signed on.
I must apologize for an error I made in last week’s Thursday Bulletin.  The SHARE Act does not include national reciprocity.  The National Reciprocity Act of 2017 (H.R. 39) covers that.  As long as you are calling your Congressman, you should ask them to support H.R. 38 also.
The Chicago Tribune recently carried an article on the increasing number of black women who are getting their Illinois Concealed Carry Licenses (ICCL).  These ladies are clearly tired of being defenseless against the thugs and gangs that roam the City of Chicago.  Congratulations to these ladies for standing up for themselves.  We are with you!
After a steady decrease in the crime rate in the last couple of decades, crime is on the rise again.  Of course, Chicago does more than its share in driving that rate up.  I am sure part of this has to do with the so-called Ferguson Affect.  Whatever the case, the more ICCLs, the less likely you are going to be a victim.  If you have not gotten your ICCL yet, I would waste no time in getting it.  The only person who is going to help you if you are confronted by these thugs is you.
Tomorrow, I will be at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Dallas-Fort Worth.  If you ever have a chance to go to one of these, please attend.  It is the most information you can get in a two-day period on the state of our Second Amendment rights.
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Thursday, September 28, 2017
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