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Steve Balich Conservative Activist


Can you see it? Do you genuinely understand it? Are you aware today’s top Left Leaders are taking you to it?

There are those who not only see it, they know it, have lived it, and ran from it to survive here in America. Survive in the most literal sense.  There are 100,000,000 (One hundred million) reasons you need to factually accept the truth of it. These are the end of the road and documented results from it.

Do you think America could never fall to it? Today’s top Left Democrat Leaders are taking you to it with a smile on their face, the Left Liberal Professors have propagandized our children favorably to it. Look at the 24×7 attack they control upon America and its President today.  Did you ever dream such an attack was conceivable here? Were you even aware your children were being Pied Pipered into believing it is a good thing?  There are 100,000,000 (One hundred million) reasons you need to factually accept the truth at the end of the road it takes you to.

To the educated and aware, todays Left Democrat Leaders put forth the camouflage of it being different this time.  As they are leading America down the plank.  The end of the Plank has been the same historically for every single country who adopted it.

It has all the promise of any Ponzi scheme with early delightful results, so it is easy for the ignorant to be captured into it without having a clue. However, across history it has given us 100,000,000 (One hundred million) reasons to prevent it.

This is by far not fear I preach, but rather the ringing of a bell, calling all to see it, understand it’s truth, and push back on the top Left leader deceptions just as you would give Satan his due.  Those 100,000,000 reasons I cited?  This number represents the people were killed, murdered, or starved to death in country’s who’s Leaders took them into Socialism.  Google it.  There are no counter yea buts, this time it’s blue and not black, or it would not happen here. “It” is what “It” is, and history holds the darkest possible documented results from it.  Venezuelans are literally eating Zoo Animals as I write this. Google it.  Even the USSR collapsed from “It”. Google it.

The “IT” I speak of is SOCIALISM.  Find everything inside you to push back, don’t fall for the shiny objects today’s Left are waving to distract you, don’t fall for Party over Country loyalty, don’t fall for it cannot happen here.  It is happening here and now, they “are” already promoting SOCIALISM, they “have” already propagandized our children, and they are attacking America and it’s President 24×7 and his capitalist policies.  This is not fear preaching, this is a bell being run for you to think, research, become educated, aware, and to now, today, this moment, stand up for the one system that has pulled billions out of poverty all across history, America’s Capitalism.  Google it, become a soldier supporting America.  Put these Socialist snake oil sales people in their place, and that’s not here in America!

Lennon & Stalin                      65M Died

Mou                                         38-45M Died

Kim Jong-Un & Father            1.7M Died

OVER                                     100M Died in just these Socialist Utopia intended Country’s

As for Venezuela, the economic policies associated with a project called 21st-century socialism are indeed what broke the country’s back, and today people and their children are literally starving to death.  Today’s Left Leaders will cheat you from the truth.  So be aware, be very aware, this is NOT your Father’s Democratic Party.