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Steve Balich Conservative Activist

Hanging, burning, Bushing and campaigning on the most racist, ill-conceived, judgiest and socialist fakeries in the week’s fake news.

Democrats and the hangman’s noose by Jay Baker

Democrats have an unhealthy love affair with hangman’s nooses. During much of the 20th century it wasn’t uncommon in some states — southern states in particular — for a gang of Democrats to drag black people off the streets or out of their homes and string them up, their corpses left to hang there until law enforcement was forced by a modicum of decorum to cut them down and deliver them to the undertaker.

In Mississippi’s Clarke County there is bridge that spans the Chickasawhay River that still bears the name, the Hanging Bridge. Now closed to traffic, the rusty steel bridge saw at least six — though some say eight or more — lynchings between 1918 and the 1960s.

Last week, hangman’s nooses came out again in Mississippi. On Monday, on the eve of a U.S. Senate election that pitted a white Republican woman against a black Democrat man, nooses were found hanging from trees near the state Capitol.

The media had its usual meltdown. The local NBC affiliate, WLBT-TV 3, received a call about the nooses and several “hate signs.” When the station reported the nooses and “hate signs” to Capitol Police, they were removed.

WLBT-TV then tweeted about the nooses and “hate signs” that were found at Mississippi State Capitol. The tweet included photos of nooses, but not the signs.

The mainstream media and leftwing echo chamber piled on. The Associated Press, HuffPo, Democrat activist Donna Brazille, and other Twitter wags tweeted the noose photos along with some race-baiting comments implying that white Mississippians in general, and Republican-leaning ones specifically, were racists. They also implied that supporters of the white woman, Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, were behind the “hate.” One such wag, a Walter M. Kimbrough, a blue checkmarked “HipHopPrez” of Dillard University, was bolder.

Leftists had introduced racism into the contest weeks ago. In what has become standard operating procedure from the social Marxists in the Democrat party and their media enablers, they took an off-the-cuff statement Hyde-Smith made and fabricated a racist connotation into it.

Some six hours later, WLBT sent out another tweet. This one included the so-called “hate signs.” Turns out they weren’t “hate signs” at all. And who was behind them was quite obvious. They were political signs posted by Democrats implying that Hyde-Smith was a racist and stating that “times HAVEN’T CHANGED;” meaning that lynchings were still a problem and whites were racists. 

But times have changed, as anyone living in the south knows. It’s more common than not now to see mixed-race couples anytime you go into a public setting. Blacks and whites live together, work together, dine together and go to church together. There have been no lynchings in Mississippi, or anywhere else in the south in 50-plus years. That’s not to say that racism is completely gone, but implying it’s as serious a problem as it was 50-60 years ago or more is ridiculous.

The nooses and signs were a Democrat stunt. WLBT and the MSM knew the content of the signs and knew the whole thing was a stunt. So WLBT and the MSM were intentionally promoting fake news.