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Steve Balich Conservative Activist
Historically, the legal principal that you have a right to remain silent has had great protective benefits in protecting one’s civil and criminal rights at law.

This legal tenet is codified in the 5th Amendment, which says, “No person… shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself…”

But authorities can and do use civil investigations in order to take testimony (confessions) to build a criminal case against you.

Did I say civil? Yes, because trickery is involved. Civil investigations compel testimony against one’s self, testimonies which are later used for criminal charges.

But investigative authorities can and also do often use deception to trap you into incriminating yourself. This is similar to what was done to “convict” General Michael Flynn, as we learn how he was duped (compelled) to provide testimony that was used to remove him from office and get him to confess to a crime — the process crime of “lying to investigators.”

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We’ve learned from the special prosecutor’s sentencing memo that Flynn was coaxed by FBI Special Director Andrew McCabe to speak with agents in a “conversation.” For Flynn, “conversation” was a code word. It differs from the word “interview.” Conversation meant the FBI was investigating a matter that Flynn might be able to help them with… not that he was subject of the investigation. He was further put at ease by words to the effect that he would not need to have legal counsel present for the “conversation.”

Flynn, being a government spook, should have known better. But he was counting on the fact that he and the FBI were on the same side. Too late, he learned his error.

Sounds like the old star chamber where in olden days one was tortured to confession and then tortured to death because of his confession.

Had he not spoken with the FBI or had he taken a lawyer with him on his interview and viewed the FBI as an adversary rather than as a friend, he might be a cabinet officer for President Trump rather than a confessed liar. Note that the FBI agents misled (lied to) Flynn, but they are not being persecuted for their lies.

This is common police practice.

Part of the training that LEOs (that acronym can reference law enforcement officers, or, as I call them, legally entitled to oppress) receive is in how to lie and get away with it.

These “legal” lies can include telling a suspect that police have evidence they don’t have, or have obtained confessions they have not obtained, or even posing as a prisoner in a jail cell who is simply “shooting the breeze” with a fellow prisoner with the express purpose of obtaining evidence of a crime.

On the website, policelink.monster.com, an article by John E. Reid, who claims to be “the world leader in providing training programs on investigative interviewing and interrogation techniques, as well as seminars on specialized techniques for the investigation of street crimes,” begins:

During the course of an investigation an investigator often must rely on duplicity and pretense in an effort to develop evidence against the guilty suspect.

Reid goes on to write:

An interesting application… is the permissibility of lying to a suspect about the purpose for an interview. As an example, consider that Frank is suspected of engaging in illegal gambling activity and investigators wish to talk to him about that. For fear that Frank will destroy evidence if told t…

Another police trainer, former prosecutor Val Van Brocklin, has published a four-part training manual at LEO-Trainer.com for LEOs titled, “Deception.” The four parts are subtitled, “Training Police to Lie — Pt. 1,” “Training Police to Lie — Pt. 2,” “A Trial is NOT About the Truth,” and “If Courts Clash On Police Deception.” Van Brocklin opens her training guide with:

Police lie. It’s part of their job. They lie to suspects and others in hopes of obtaining evidence. These investigative lies cover a wide web of deception…

In United States v. Russell, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, “Criminal activity is such that stealth and strategy are necessary weapons in the arsenal of the police officer.” In its ruling in Illinois v. Perkins, SCOTUS referred to police lies as “strategic deception.”

Unfortunately, police apparently don’t know when to turn off their lie-creating machine. It’s not just to obtain evidence or extract a confession that police lie. They lie almost as a matter policy to create evidence on innocent suspects or to cover up their crimes and misdeeds and those of their fellow officers and superiors.

We now live in a welfare state, euphemism for fascism and cover name democracy. The term “democracy” is no doubt the most complete deception in modern times. Never mind the politicians and bureaucrats, the most intelligent minds of our world have bought this façade called democracy hook, line and sinker. The power of stated propaganda is most disturbing.

Democracy is nothing more than benevolent totalitarianism. Don’t take this word benevolent too seriously. It simply means that you get Social Security and food stamps if you will live on “the animal farm” and confess to big brother all your sins.

I am just trying to tell you that you are a part of the herd. The only way out of the herd is to first recognize that you are in it. What does this mean? It means that you are on one side and the government and its politicians and bureaucrats are on the other. No, they don’t want you to know this or they would lose control — we have bigger numbers but massive propaganda makes the difference in the balance of power.

Artifices of deception is almost everything you read and hear. We will never get off the animal farm until we recognize the facade of democracy and the absolute despotism behind it.

Bottom line is, you should never talk to police or any other agent of law enforcement without an attorney present. Even during routine traffic stops, police can and do attempt to manipulate you into confessing to some crime. And you should always video every encounter, even if it’s likely to get you assaulted — police hate it when you take video of their misdeeds. And you should never consent to a search of your vehicle.

Taking these steps has nothing to do with being unpatriotic. It has to do with protecting your rights as an American citizen.