On Thursday, the Cook County Circuit Court ruled that William Healy, Michael Milani and Cindy Nelson Katsenes be placed back on the ballot for Trustee in the Village of Orland Park.

The judge specifically said, IT IS ORDERED:

1.The court finds no basis for confusion in the Petitioner’s nominating petitions and for the reasons stated in open court…
2. The Clerk is hereby ordered to place the names of the Petitioner’s on the ballot as candidate for Trustee of the Village of Orland Park.  

As you are well aware, I recused myself from the local election board because I had circulated petitions for the People Over Politics.  Clerk Mehalek and Trustee Fenton circulated petitions for their opponents, the Orland Integrity Party, and did not recuse themselves.  Not only that, as the judge indicated, they ignored the law.  The first act of the Orland Integrity Party was to rig an election.  Hardly an indicator of integrity.
They have had proxies attacking the People Over Politics slate and me as well. Also, after the Election Board’s decision, their candidates made the following statements:

  • “There is some leeway in how to word petitions, but the petitions for a public office should include the exact position candidates for office are seeking… This is not exactly rocket science here.  The first step is getting on the ballot is to get the petition process right.  The Election Board made the right decision upholding petition standards.”  Kelly O’Brien
  • “Our fire district has trustees and our library board has trustees and voters will be voting on all three of these position in the upcoming election… There were probably some people who signed these petitions who had no idea what office these candidates are seeking.  The whole point of having rules governing the petition process is to make sure voters are protected and they know exactly what they are signing, and the Election Board has rightly recognized these concerns.”  Devin Hodge
  • “If their intention was to run for Village Trustee, their petitions should have stated that clearly.  Part of being qualified to run is having the competence to get on the ballot.  It is a fact that these candidates did a poor job executing this task and they will not be on the ballot as a result.” Trustee Carole Griffin Ruzich

The Orland Integrity fixed the process with 2 compromised members of the Local Election Board, who “got it right,” when they clearly didn’t.  Then all of the candidates arrogantly pile on by saying their opposing candidates are stupid, incompetent and unqualified to be Trustee.  To add to those insults, they also imply that those who signed the petitions are not smart enough to understand what they signed and were confused.  

Two of their candidates who are attorneys, plus a trustee that is an attorney, don’t even know the law.  So, the People over Politics candidates who followed the law are not smart enough to be Trustees?  Only according to three lawyers who clearly don’t know the law.  This is supposed to be their profession.

For the last four weeks, Bill Healy, Mike Milani and Cindy Katsenes were told that they weren’t smart enough and not qualified to be Trustees.  Not only that, the 1,211 people who signed their petition were told that they weren’t smart enough to know what they were signing and that they were confused.

Enough is enough.  I have personally dealt with the obstruction, political games and personal attacks for 21 months.  It’s not fun and it’s horrible for the people of Orland Park.  These political insiders have demonstrated they have no regard for the people of Orland Park and are only interested in politics. There is no place for this type of behavior in Orland Park.

You sent a message almost 2 years ago and it was ignored.
Reinforce the message and elect three good people who are long-time residents, raised their families here, and are committed to working collaboratively in Orland Park’s best interest.  Together, Bill, Mike, Cindy and I can finish the job you elected me to do almost 2 years ago.

There are several ways to help Bill, Mike and Cindy in the upcoming election.  If you are interested in learning more connect with them on Facebook, go to www.people-OP.com, or contact them directly atinfo@people-op.com.   Also, you can join them at a free rally (beer, wine, snacks and entertainment provided) at Silver Lake Golf Course from 6 to 9 on February 21st.