Freedom and the negative language of ‘Trump derangement’

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Steve Balich Conservative Activist

Steve Balich Editors note: Draining the swamp is a difficult task when most all of the media is the swamp making money of the existing system. Media tends to be against Nationalism and for Globalism. Media likes big government and taxes that pay for the big government. Media seems to favor socialism over capitalism despite knowing it will always fail.
By Bob Livingston

“Trump lies daily.”

“The majority of Americans are against Trump…”

“Trump’s dirty little secret…”

“Trump’s government a bleak place…”

“Court rejects Trump…”

“Trump’s failure to address the real crisis…”

Trump struggles. Trump is a racist. Trump called a mother****er. Trump challenged. Trump misleading, Trump was never great, Trump shifts blame, Trump biased, Trump’s year of chaos…

These are real words from real headlines in the “meanstream” media. The “news” sources that wrote these words all claim to be “objective,” both on the right and the left. For example, I was reading something about the “team” Trump put together on N. Korea a while back, and the Washington Times, a supposedly conservative paper, described the run up as N. Korea “bowing to Trump’s demands” when they released American prisoners.

Even a paper that supposedly leans right continues to describe Trump in derogatory terms that make him seem belligerent, mean, demanding, harsh… which is what you are supposed to believe about anyone who is individualistic.

All the Trump Administration did was ask for prisoners to be released. A far cry from there being a “demand.” Yet that’s what these deep state papers want everyone to think. That Trump is mean. And conservatives fall for it.

Romney came out with his anti-Trump tirade, yet all Trump said in a tweet was “Let’s get on the same team.” He didn’t burn a bridge. He wasn’t mean at all. He’s been bellicose. Maybe he’s narcissistic. But both the right and the left want to make Trump out as a complete jerk. And people just accept it. Because it’s “in the news.”

Cui bono?

Were politics an honest and straightforward endeavor, this development would be a head scratcher. Why would the GOP want to denigrate a winner from their side? 

The elites in the District of Criminals and the money power behind them are so far removed from the people over whom they lord and/or whom they employ that they may as well be on a distant planet in another solar system. All the thoughts they think and all the things they do are designed to draw more power and more wealth into their control.

The GOP establishment and the Democrats – tools of the elites – and their mouthpieces in the media benefit greatly from degrading the president in the eyes of the people because Trump upsets the establishment apple cart. He is not one of them. Yes, he’s wealthy, but Trump will never be allowed into their club.

I predicted that Trump’s popularity would sink even among his most die-hard fans in the wake of his ban on bump stocks, capitulation on gun control, and bad economic news.



Political power increases in direct proportion to the ability to manipulate words.

The manipulation of the crowd with words is an awesome power, totally invisible to the people. It is magnified political or religious power far beyond its simplicity. It is the power of life and death over billions of people. 

Russian billionaires are called “oligarchs.” Here they are called the “mega rich.” Financial publications call ultra-wealthy folks “the .001%.” Why?

Repeated words or word phrases, like viruses, are biochemical organisms that cause an altered state of consciousness. It is electro-chemical pathology that numbs the senses, resulting in programmed thought patterns. 

Etiology is word manipulation that subverts human individuality, the ego, into group consciousness. Indications are dependency on the group and dependency on authoritarianism. Any external word stimulation that violates programmed thought evokes negative stimulation and hostility. Once neuro nerve patterns are set, they cannot be rearranged without emotional trauma. Word-control systems have inherent defenses against probes of opposing ideas.

This is psychological warfare against the person. It is transferred from generation to generation with only parental stimuli, but it is constantly reinforced by “the system.”

Thus are people manipulated against their own nature. Consider the lottery. It is not only a Ponzi scheme, but yet another aspect of the elites’ ploy to make money numbers meaningless. Billions and trillions for government spending and millions and billions for all the wealthy folks who are called rich by any other name… and regular people who win loads of money instantly have no idea how to deal with it, or how little it really is in terms of their spending. Lottery winners buy massive houses and cars and lose it all because they’ve been taught that “millions” is, at the same time, both meaningless and lasts forever. 

Word manipulation is so powerful that it is my contention that even if this force was explained to the people, it would not in the least alter the balance of power away from the elite. It defies human nature and turns humanity against itself. Propaganda is not Sunday school. It is total war against the human mind.

The political elite cannot even afford to allow public knowledge or public awareness that there is eternal conflict between the manipulated masses and individuals. They know that awareness alone exposes just how they create wars, conflicts, mass medication, and mass murder for the benefit of the ruling elite and their New World Order.

It is how they choose a president for you. Therefore they must convince you that there is such a thing as “Trump derangement syndrome.” That you can be driven “crazy” by the president of the United States. 

Toward freedom, then

Propaganda is not something that you can take or leave. Constant bombardment of word patterns penetrates the consciousness, rearranging neuron structure. It is an electro-chemical reaction that dehumanizes the human ego. The result is that man no longer thinks for himself. He thinks the thoughts disseminated to the group. Even though he may not be totally transformed, group thoughts and group dynamics dominate. 

This is the esoteric system of American psychiatry. In modern America, if one has an ego, he has a disease that requires treatment. If he has an ego, he is sick, he is “anti-social” and accused of wrongthink. He’s out of his mind, a lunatic…

Now think again of how the meanstream media portrays Trump. Yes, I have criticized his policies when I feel I must. But that’s not propaganda. The thrust of government propaganda is to destroy your ego by replacing it with group consciousness. Group consciousness is a psychological dependency state of mind. My purpose is to free your mind to think your own thoughts.

Individuality and the concept of personal liberty is one side of a battle of ideological armies fighting for world supremacy. Except for our indoctrination as a word controlled group, we could see the extreme simplicity of how authority manipulates the crowd. But the indoctrination is itself a blinder to reality and rationality.

Politicians like the usurper who spent eight years in his fake Presidency learn word manipulation and are able to enjoy the spoils system for many years and then retire on fabulous pensions otherwise known as consultancies and speaking engagements. 

Before too many years, the people have no roots or history in the morality of individualism. Inferiority begets inferiority and aging governments are characterized by greater and greater numbers of inferior people as dependents. This is desirable at first, but in latter days becomes a financial burden which must be dealt with harshly. Translate this into today’s huge welfare dependent class, as well as today’s huge parasite dependent class of politicians and bureaucrats — too many nonproducing consumers. 

This has happened throughout history in the final stages of nation states and empires.

All nation states are built upon group dynamics which by nature attract parasite classes and inferior people. Finally, this evolves into implosion and self-destruction. In the last days, there is not enough individualism left to pose a threat to the government. No matter then, as government is in a state of vast corruption and it begins to collapse under its own weight, the mob turns on itself.

All power flows to the mass propagandists unless you protect yourself with knowledge, awareness, and a solid base of individualism. John Stuart Mill in On Liberty wrote that no society in which individual liberties are not respected can be free. 

We must be intolerant when it comes to language. When the change agents operating on behalf of those in power try to change our perceptions with words and phrases intended to deceive, it is imperative we resist. Resist using their phrases, resist their thoughts, resist their choices for us, resist their words.

What seems like a hopeless situation in America does not have to be to those people who are willing to search, read, and break through the wall of words the political powers attempt to put around them.