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Steve Balich Conservative Activist

Steve Balich Editors Note: We all need to remember the Global New World Order pushed by Socialist will only be good for the people on the top of the pecking order. Nationalism is the belief that one’s Country and the people living there are most important. Nationalist do not want to give our money to people in other countries while we have plenty of poor or needy people in our own Country. Fix America first, then consider helping the world. Trump is fixing one sided Trade Policy’s which favor everyone but the U.S. Trump is for closing the Borders to illegal immigration while promoting legal immigration.

By Bob Livingston

The divide between the political establishment residing in the District of Criminals — and their allies the progressive left “intellectual class” — and the people over whom they profess to lord and seek to control has become a chasm so wide you can’t see one side from the other. And nowhere is that schism as great as over the issue of immigration.

The establishment wants more immigration and open borders — including a continuation, if not expansion, of the importation of Moslem refugees (Hint: Most Republicans now appearing to be behind President Trump in his wall funding fight are giving you a head fake. Had the GOP intended to build a wall it would have done so during the two years it held the majority.)

The globalist agenda is the most comprehensive program for world fascism and world collectivism ever conceived. Its basis is esoteric, religious deception, as carried out pragmatically by mass politics, international mass banking and the mass media. It operates as a whole, as an organism. Today’s democratic globalists make the communists and the Nazis look like amateur totalitarians.A message from our sponsor, New Summit Nutritionals…

The globalists’ plan to import great masses of Third World peoples to take American jobs at starvation wages and thus finish off the middle class once and for all is now in full swing. It’s the agenda of establishment Republicans (AKA GOPe) and all Democrats.

Third World immigrants are attracted to cradle-to-grave nanny state socialism because it is what they know and all they have known. They are also more accepting of gun control and the police state. They have no understanding of or experience with individual liberty or the concept of natural rights.

As the Democrats discovered, and as George W. Bush’s establishment branch of the Republicans seeks to take advantage of, Third Worlders make a wonderful voter base for the expansion of national collectivism, a wonderful new crop of potential unionists and a pool of potential slave wage workers for the crony corporations. (And those labeled “refugees” are automatically registered for the entire spectrum of U.S. welfare upon arrival, and Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and their minions want to throw open the borders for tens of the thousands more of them.)

Unlimited immigration is phase two of the free trade movement, the first phase of which exported American manufacturing jobs and companies to Third World nations through NAFTA, GATT and TPP. By this method the globalists sought to circumvent the American political process (another notorious Council on Foreign Relation “end run around national sovereignty,” as Richard Gardner described it in the CFR’s journal “Foreign Affairs” in 1974), for certainly very few Americans would vote to revolutionize the white middle-class population base and to create an Aztlan or Muslim nation that looks and acts nothing like themselves. Yet that is exactly what is happening, against the wishes of the people — at least the thinking ones.

The people recognize that in a time of rampant long-term unemployment, immigrants are driving down wages and taking what few jobs there are away from Americans.

Two-thirds of Republicans polled say immigration is one of the top five problems facing the country. Republicans overwhelmingly support Trump’s efforts to build a wall.

There is a border crisis, whether the Pelosis and the Schumers and their meanstream media enablers admit it or not. The number of family units apprehended spiked as the year ended.

Here I want to candidly remind you that governments — all governments — need crisis, no matter how much lip service they give to “peace.” Crisis is a well-known Machiavellian strategy to gain and solidify political power and persuade public opinion.

Crisis provides the stage where governments can control all sides. At least they can arrange events to “naturally” unfold.

The goal of the elites is to eliminate borders, and to accomplish this it intends to swarm all nations — America included — with people of other races, from other cultures, nationalities and even religions, so that people of civilized and established nations lose their cultural and nationalist identities and become homogenized. The argument can then be made that, since a nation now has no cultural or racial identity, borders are irrelevant.

In a world without borders, people become world citizens. World citizens need world government.