Let’s take a stand against Homer Township Fire District tax increase!



A critical vote for Homer Township Fire District will take place in April of this year.  The District is asking the tax payers, yet again, to approve a Capital Bond Referendum for the sale of $2.4 million in bonds.


Every year it seems there is some government entity out there, whether it be the Fire Districts, School Boards, The County or any other government agency, asking for more money from us tax payers.  Keep in mind that some people are still hurting and trying to play catch-up from the past economy downturn and not to mention the elderly people are living on a fixed income.  Therefore, another increase in taxes could end up costing our friends and neighbors their homes.  Passing this referendum will only add to their financial struggle.  Also remember that these additional taxes, if passed, will most likely not be claimable on your Federal income taxes due to the fact that you are already paying so many other taxes within your district along with living in the State of Illinois.  The most you can claim in state and local taxes is $10,000 and most people are well beyond that.


My first concern is simple.  What did the Fire District do with all the tax money that was given to them in the past by us tax payers?  Also, where was the foresight for their future needs?  This kind of poor planning is not a good steward of tax payer funds.  It is time for all government entities to budget funds better and live within their means, and I am not just referring to the Fire District.  We, as tax payers, have had enough.  Us tax payers give the districts enough tax money to work with when you raise the tax levy each year.  People in this state are fed up with all the taxes we are paying on everything and anything.


The referendum proposed by the Fire District will be spread over a period of 11 years.  Just think about that for a minute.  Some of us will be dead by the time the referendum sunsets.  Most people in this District will not even be able to write this off on their Federal income taxes. Why?  Because we are one of four states that are over-taxed.  The other over-taxed states are California, New York, and New Jersey which are all Democratic controlled states.  These states are broke and should be filing bankruptcy.  So within the next 11 years, how many other government entities like schools, cities, townships, libraries and park districts will be hitting you up for more money via a referendum.  People in this district pay enough in taxes already.


Taxes in Illinois should be frozen until these public sector entities can get control of their spending and reevaluate how much they pay their employees.  Public sector workers in Illinois receive 27 percent more a year in salary and an average of $13,500 in benefits more that the private sector.  People who work in the private sector really have to take a stand and vote “No” on this referendum.  I can guarantee that the people who work in the public sector will be voting “Yes” in favor of it and that is because if passed, that will be more money going into their pockets.


The Fire Department will target the elderly with scare tactics so please don’t fall for it.  If the referendum passes, anyone who owns a home in this district, will begin to see a decrease in the value of their home.  The more you pay in taxes the less your home is worth.  Why do you think so many people are leaving Illinois?  Yes, you got it!  It’s because of the tax issue.


At this time, I am asking voters to take a stand and vote “No” on the Fire District referendum.  To conclude, I have to ask this question.  Why would any one vote “Yes” to give government entities more money to mismanage unless there is something in it for you.  So please, let’s take a stand and don’t get burnt by this referendum and  vote “No” on the referendum.


Ted Neitzke

Homer Glen, IL