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April 8, 2019

In response to this article in the Will County Gazette, Will County Republican Central Committee Chairman George Pearson released this statement:

“This is a steaming hot pile of trash.  If Manley was so concerned with good governance, she should start with cleaning up Springfield.  Every unfunded mandate bill she has signed onto would have been another good starting point. How about working on the pension crisis from which Illinois suffers?  Again, Manley’s bill does nothing to reduce the tax levy from any of the six townships she is attacking.  In fact, Manley’s push for More Springfield Power Bill adds more of a tax burden in the form of paid government employees with pensions.  So, more government workers increases voters supporting candidates with their financial interests at heart.  Manley is attempting to solidify a voting base as Madigan did.

“If Manley truly was after good government, why didn’t she start with the several layers of highly paid regional school board trustees and superintendents?  Talk about a waste of taxpayer dollars and the largest drain on property taxes!  Manley’s HB3301 is nothing more than a smoke screen for revenge against her opponents and to think otherwise is foolishness.   To think you can tinker around the edges to make this pile smell better is downright weak and feckless.”

George L. Pearson, Chairman
Will County Republicans Central Committee
and Monee Township GOP, PCT 8
(m) 708-541-9866