By Bob Livingston

Most of us think of holy wars as something in the history books. We need to pay attention to what politicians and government bureaucrats don’t talk about.

Under the pretense of the war on terror and to make the world safe for “democracy,” the United States government consistently sides with Moslems and the religion of Islam. This has been the case for America’s foreign policy for decades, if not all the way back to the nation’s founding.

Writing in The Wall Street Journal in 1996, Arthur Schlesinger Jr. stated, “Most of the killing taking place around the world in recent years has been caused by religious conflict…” At the time the U.S. was siding with Moslems in Bosnia. It was the Russians who were siding with Serbian Christians. Russia was also battling Chechnyan Moslems at the same time.

In the run-up to the first Gulf War, President George H.W. Bush made his “New World Order” speech in 1990 (coincidentally? on Sept. 11). Was he talking in veiled language about the final victory of Islam over Christianity? I can assure you that he was not talking about a New World Christian Order.

He left Saddam Hussein in place. When asked why he mumbled, “”we are not in the business of going after Saddam Hussein.” A nonsense answer… Hussein was still a useful CIA asset at the time and a foil against Iran. He wouldn’t be taken out until his usefulness was gone.

Eleven years later and with another Bush at the helm, along comes 9/11; the nascency of the “war on Terror” and kickoff of the long-planned — by the U.S. and its allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Israel — move to destabilize the Middle East.

This strategy was top secret and only discussed inside the halls of the Pentagon until The Project for A New American Century, a neocon think tank, released its paper on Rebuilding Americas Defenses. Apparently, “rebuilding America’s defenses” to neocons means engaging in perpetual war to overthrow regimes of Russia-linked states and leaving them to chaos and disorder (as in Libya and as attempted in Syria) or installing new puppet regimes as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The U.S. quickly fingered Osama bin Laden — a U.S. ally and a CIA contract agent in Afghanistan — for 9/11. Treated as a supervillain worthy of a comic opera, the U.S spent the next 10 years trying to “get him.” He was the pretense for the war on Afghanistan that led to the war on Iraq and the ousting of Hussein.

The Bush regime lied us into Iraq over specious “links” between Hussein and bin Laden and nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction.” America’s war on terror is and always has been a war for Saudi Arabia and Israel, not for fighting terrorists who pose a threat to our Judeo-Christian values, as you’re led to believe.

Christians in Saudi Arabia — America’s biggest Middle East ally — are second-class citizens, at best. The nation is built on the Wahabi sect of Islam, which is the most radical and strict interpretation. As reports, “Public sentiment towards Christians in the country is generally quite negative, and the government maintains a tightly knit Islamic system… Islamic leaders attempt to impose strict Islamic law on all people in the country, and often pose problems for converts to Christianity. Ordinary citizens pressure these converts as well, given that the majority of the population vehemently opposes any faith other than Islam. Apostasy is punishable by death for those who refuse to recant.”

From Iraq and Afghanistan — two wars that still have not ended — the U.S. and its NATO allies engineered regime change in Libya and Syria.

In 2008, the Reverend Cannon Andrew White, known as the Vicar of Baghdad, told 60 Minutes that the situation for Christians had become “clearly worse” in Iraq than the period under Hussein.

“There’s no comparison between Iraq now and then,” he told anchor Scott Pelley. “Things are the most difficult they have ever been for Christians. Probably ever in history. They’ve never known it like now.”

Under Hussein, Christians were treated much the same as Moslems. Hussein’s top aid, Tariq Aziz, was Christian, Pelley reported.

There have been Christians in Iraq since the disciples were scattered following the persecution of the church in Jerusalem (Acts 8). But with the overthrow of Saddam and the chaos that has followed, Christians are hunted, murdered and forced to flee. They meet in undergrown churches in secret for fear of their lives.

When ISIS moved in, things got worse. Much worse. Yet while the American military can protect the poppy fields in Afghanistan, they were and are unable or unwilling to protect Iraqi and Libyan Christians.

In 2002, before the U.S. invasion, there were about 1.4 million Iraqi Christians. Now there are only about 250,000-300,000, wrote Janine di Giovanni in Harper’s Magazine on Nov. 21, 2018. The New York Post puts the number closer to a mere 150,000. And even with ISIS gone, persecution continues.

ISIS developed from the remnants of al-Qaida and al-Nusra terror organizations. The U.S. and its Gulf state allies funded, equipped and trained these so-called moderate Islamists to effectuate the regime change in Libya and the Syria. These so-called moderate rebels were in reality nothing of the sort. They were simply Islamists and behaved predictably as Islamists. They began persecuting and murdering Christians.

Under Moammar Gadhafi, Christians enjoyed a rather peaceful existence. Since Gadhafi’s brutal ouster and murder by a bayonet to his rectum, Christians have endured violent oppression and face extermination from the radical forces that have risen and divided the country into sections ruled by dangerous and fanatical Islamists.

After Gadhafi’s ouster, guns were run through the Benghazi compound to ISIS with the express purpose of knocking Bashar Assad out of power. Like in Libya, Syrian Christians enjoyed a peaceful existence until ISIS took over. Assad is a secularist. Christians are protected under Syrian law. Then began the beheadings, rapes, tortures murders and bombings.

When ISIS took over most of Syria, with an assist from the U.S. and its allies — recall Senator John McCain posing with “moderate Muslim” terrorists — being Christian became a death sentence.

Even before they sided with ISIS, these “moderate Muslims” attacked Christian churches and ordered Christians out of their homes. They pressured Christians to join the opposition fight against Assad. Those who refused were used as human shields in attacks on the Syrian Army security forces.

But even in Middle East countries the U.S. has not destabilized, Christians face dangers most Americans can’t conceive of. In Egypt, another so-called friend to America and a country that receives billions of U.S. dollars in aid money, Christians face violence during church services, attacks on buses filled with innocent pilgrims and assaults on their businesses, according to The Jerusalem Post. Egyptian Christian women face an epidemic of kidnapping, rape, beatings and torture. Innumerable girls and women vanish forever, and even if they are somehow rescued, their stories are thought to be so shameful that they’re hidden as dark family secrets. Meanwhile, doctors quietly repair internal damage and “restore virginity” to abused teenagers and twenty-somethings. Priests try to protect family reputations when the girls return.

The U.S. currently takes in tens of thousands of Moslem refugees from the Middle East. But it takes only a handful of Christians from those same countries each year.

If we’re going to decipher news stories and national and international events and understand why our politicians do the things they do, we’ve got to understand the religious and philosophical orientation of major U.S. politicians and the U.S. establishment. What it boils down to is the religion of Islam and the religion of the Washington cabal is one in the same.

An understanding of this religious identity is the only way to understand in depth and to develop the conviction to identify criminal politics in the United States and the world.

Politics is criminal in the U.S. and it does have a religion. It is this religious undertow out of which universal anti-Christian one worldism springs. It is a brotherhood that unites the world system against Christian morality.

It’s the political system that has created the environment of social and religious multicultural mix with mass immigration of many races and religions into the U.S .(3.45 million Muslims). The results were known in advance to the insiders and their politicians and only now becoming visible to the American people.