By Brandon Smith

In my work analyzing the behavior and motives of globalists, I often hear people question the validity of the label. Sometimes this is done by people who are purely uneducated about the background of what I can only call an organized cabal or criminal syndicate. Sometimes it is done by dishonest people who are seeking to sow the seeds of doubt. To be clear, yes, globalists are a very real group with a very real agenda, and this agenda is not morally or rationally sound.

The argument then arises — “If globalists are a real threat, then we should identify them one by one…”

Invariably this argument is a ruse which insinuates that if a person points out the facts surrounding a crime on the part of globalists, his position is still not valid until he names them all in succession. This is a classic Alinsky tactic; to demand that the whistle-blower or researcher catalog every person involved in a conspiracy or present a solution to the criminality which may or may not be available, otherwise they should shut up and stop talking about the problem. The intent is to get us caught up in the weeds debating the extent of who is involved or whether one solution is superior to another.

Acknowledging that a specific agenda exists is the first step before anything else can be accomplished.

Obviously, one cannot outline a long list of globalist names in every essay or article. This would make each article dozens of pages long and is counterproductive. Naming names might be helpful in some circumstances, as I have done in the past such as in my article ‘Globalist Disinformation Spotlight On — Mohamed El-Erian.’ I welcome readers to examine that article because El-Erian is a perfect example of what a globalist is and the kind of ideology they espouse. It is my feeling though that it is more important to focus on the behaviors, rhetoric, institutional affiliations and beliefs of globalists, because these elitists often hide in plain sight.

Not all of them publicly call themselves “globalists.” Some of them do. However, they all have the same character traits and they all support the same agendas.

First and foremost, I suppose I should address the so called “elephant in the room.” It is important to note that there is a concerted disinformation effort by a small group of people lurking in the corners of the liberty movement to push the notion that globalism is a purely “Jewish conspiracy.” Their claim? It’s all about the Jews, all the globalists are Jewish or somehow secretly related to Jews or are married to a Jewish partner, etc. This is simply false, so let’s get this out of the way…

The Jewish conspiracy narrative, I believe, is 4th generation warfare, a psychological operation, an attempt to mislead liberty movement activists away from a much deeper and darker issue. It also may be an attempt to attach the movement to white supremacy or white identity groups as if they are interchangeable. Frankly, I do not care what other people believe as long as they keep to themselves and leave others alone. If someone takes special pride in their pigmentation or culture, great, I wish them the best of luck. It is true that some cultures function better than others, but this has far more to do with the superior cultures being more free, not more white.

Just because we have a distaste for the race baiting insanity and hatred of white people or western culture displayed by the social justice left, this does not mean we need to swing to the other extreme and become zealots ourselves. I actually think the ability to discriminate at times is highly useful, but such simplistic divisions based on bias and broad generalizations makes us weak, not strong. It makes us easy to conquer, not a formidable opponent to the globalists.

Here are the facts:

The vast majority of globalists are not of Jewish origin and are not Zionist in their political affiliations. While there are sectors of globalist institutions that have more Jewish people than others (such as the Federal Reserve), this does not indicate any sort of “Jewish conspiracy.” On the contrary, the directorial boards and memberships of most globalist institutions have a small minorities of Jews, and are majority Anglo in origin. One can simply look at the board of directors of groups at the top of the globalist pyramid like the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements, or World Bank and verify that this is the case.

We can also examine the attendees of past globalist summits like the Bilderberg Group, or the World Economic Forum in Davos and see that again, some Jews might be involved, but are not a majority or even in the highest positions of authority. While the Rothschild family (Jewish) gets a lot of attention as being a major power center within globalist circles, we can see they are but one influence among many.

These people herald from all over the world and are of every ethnicity and national affiliation one can imagine. So, the broad brush of white identity conspiracy becomes rather useless in helping us figure out who the globalists truly are. In fact, it misleads us and point us in the wrong direction, and perhaps this is its underlying purpose.

The fallback argument is that they might not be majority Jewish, but they are all “Zionists,” which is simply not true. Zionism is definitely a globalist scheme, but more of a side venture designed to manipulate some Jews and evangelicals into zealotry, to be exploited in supporting efforts like war in the Middle East. Zionism itself actually makes Jewish centers like Israel less safe and more prone to destruction. The globalists only care about Israel or the Jewish people in general in so much as they can be used as a tool for other more important efforts.

And, while I have criticized the actions of the Israeli government on many occasions (and been accused of being an anti-Semite for it), this is not the same as attacking the Israeli people. Globalism threatens them just as much as it threatens others.

I welcome readers to look over the rosters of many of the top globalist organizations; they will find a minority of Zionists, not a majority. If it’s not about the Jews or Zionism, then what is globalism really all about? It is vital that we look at the intent, actions, motivations and beliefs of these people. Hyperfocusing on their genetic backgrounds will get us nowhere.

How do we know when we are dealing with a globalist? Let’s look at some of the real and universal elements that make globalists an organized and identifiable culture, separate, distinct and destructive…

Globalism as an “inevitable” future

Globalists will often claim that globalism, the centralization of all governmental and economic power, is an inevitable byproduct of “progress.” They will state, without any evidence of course, that globalism represents a pinnacle of evolution in human society. Therefore, anyone that stands in the way of globalism is standing in the way of progress.

But centralization of power is nothing new, and dreams of global empire ruled by self-appointed “elites” goes all the way back to Plato and his “Republic.” Utopia by the elites for the elites is a tale as old as mankind. It does not represent evolution, but regression to an ideology that human beings have been struggling for thousands of years to escape from.

We should also make the distinction here between globalists and useful idiots. Globalists are people in a position of power adequate enough to help affect the changes and agendas they describe. Useful idiots might espouse globalist rhetoric, but they have no power. They are used as a blunt weapon by globalists, but they are not globalists, and will not likely benefit from globalism in the end.

End of sovereignty

Globalists treat the idea of sovereignty with disdain. Their attacks usually revolve around nationalism and they will incessantly pontificate on the virtues of open borders. They can also sometimes be caught criticizing the concept of individual sovereignty, but they do seem to fancy the idea that THEY are unique and superior individuals. Individuality and freedom are meant for them, but not for the rest of us.

Single economic authority and monetary system

A key element of globalism is economic centralization which makes perfect sense when you understand that trade is the root of human civilization and survival. Trade is almost as important as the air we breathe and the water we drink. The consistent plan presented by globalists is that the IMF in particular must become the bottleneck point for global economic management, and that all the world’s major currencies will be absorbed by the IMF into their SDR basket system.

This would give the IMF the ability to dictate currency exchange rates on a whim, allowing them to homogenize currency values until they are so similar that a single world currency becomes a natural next step. This final product would be a cashless society, based on a digital blockchain-based currency or cryptocurrency.

Single world government

Globalists all argue that the answer to most of the world’s ailments is one world governance, or the end of nation states and cultural divisions in the name of “peace.” The U.N. is so far the impetus of this effort, but it is shadowed by various organizations like the IMF, BIS, World Bank, as well as dozens of think tank organizations like the CFR, Tavistock, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, Darpa, etc., etc. A practice model for this type of government can be seen in the European Union, which is controlled by a supranational bureaucratic machine run by mostly faceless officials who are not elected and who do not answer to the public. Any politician that works closely with globalist institutions or think tanks is likely a globalist as well. Any politician of government officials that associates regularly with known globalists is probably also a globalist.

Psychological similarities of globalists

Probably the most overwhelming epiphany I have come to in my 12 years of analysis into globalism and the nature of evil is that globalists are in fact tied together by a root mental illness or psychological aberration. This occurred during my research on narcissistic sociopathy, or what some circles might call “psychopathy.” Criminology indicates that not all criminals are full blown narcissistic sociopaths, but most full-blown narcissistic sociopaths are criminals. Some are simply more successful criminals than others, and this usually depends on their ability to blend in and mimic or manipulate normal people.

Full blown narcissistic sociopaths (or psychopaths) make up around 1 percent of any given population, but are responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes or criminal enterprises. The lion’s share of justice system resources are used in dealing with these people, as they are four to eight times more likely than the average person to use violence in daily interactions or as a tool to gain advantage, and 25 times more likely to end up in prison.

There is a long list of character traits that make a narcissistic sociopath, but the defining features are a complete lack of conscience and empathy, a propensity for moral relativism (the ability to rationalize any and all destructive behavior), a desperate need to be adored or admired by everyone around them, a feeling of being “more special” than most people, a feeling of superiority, delusions of grandeur or an inherent right to manage the lives of others, impulsive desires and deviant sexual inclinations, and elitist associations (they will only associate with people they feel are like them and are “equally superior”).

A defining fact of narcissistic sociopathy is that these traits are inborn, not a product of environment. In some cases, environment can play a role in activating these traits, but if a person is not born with them, they generally do not adopt them later in life because of a traumatic environment. The following documentaries linked here and here are an excellent overview of high level narcissistic sociopaths.

Narcissistic sociopaths defy all forms of treatment and cannot be reformed. They have no concrete personality beyond these traits, therefore, if you remove the traits, they are left with nothing else. They are almost anti-human; while most people are born with unique personality combinations, narcissistic sociopaths have none, so they mimic the personalities of those around them, mirroring behaviors and collecting or stealing quirks.

Their primary drives are to fulfill their fantasies of superiority and godhood, as well as an endless quest to satiate their dopamine addiction. The more deviant the action, and the more successful they are at getting away with it, the more dopamine they generate and the more satisfied they feel. This leads to an endless cycle, seeking out more and more exploitation of others which becomes less and less satisfying, which leads to even greater deviance.

I came to realize in my studies that these characteristics described almost exactly the observable behaviors of globalists. The difference being that globalists were so high functioning that they had actually built a society of narcissistic sociopaths that operated like a kind of cult, or a corporate entity. The only other historic example I could compare it to would be the mob, or other gangs which have blended into the surrounding normal society and operated in their midst.

I do not know if a society of narcissistic sociopaths with its own tribal customs, mythologies and beliefs has ever been recorded before. While psychopathic people have been known in the past to organize into groups for mutual benefit, the globalists are something different. They are an anomaly; a well-maintained culture of parasites that has blended almost seamlessly within normal society in order to feed off non-psychopathic people. The best fictional representation I can think of is the vampire. They are so similar I sometimes wonder if folklore creatures like vampires were based on narcissistic sociopaths as a way to warn people of their presence.

Globalists are indeed a culture, a secretive and occult phenomenon that wants so badly to be recognized and worshiped but fears public scrutiny. Their motivation at bottom is to condition or tear down normal, moral and free society until it becomes a place in which they can openly be what they really are without fear of judgment or consequences. They want to terraform civilization and make it a habitat that will accept them; a habitat for monsters surrounded by willing victims.