Steve Balich editors Note: Illinois was going to defer paying into the pensions this year until they found 1.4 Billion which came from Trump Economic policy effects in Illinois. Thank You President Trump for helping Illinois with your economic policies.

Batinick Eager for Better Economic Practices, Better Business Climate

SPRINGFIELD—State Representative Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) has supported his House Republican colleagues’ call for continued bipartisan budget discussions as legislative session in the House of Representatives enters its final weeks.

It was recently revealed that tailwinds from the federal level have helped increase Illinois revenues this year by $1.4 billion, which has closed Illinois’ current year budget deficit. Representative Batinick is hopeful that this momentum can be applied to the state’s own economy and continue to grow revenue and right the fiscal ship.

“A thriving economy solves more problems than tax increases,” said Batinick.  “If we can make Illinois friendlier to the business community, and fix our biggest underlying problems—pensions and property taxes—then more businesses would call Illinois home, and grow our state economy. Unfortunately, the legislature has not seen any legislation to help job creators and benefit the business community, but rather have passed bills that have hurt our economic growth.”

Until large problems are addressed, and for Batinick that includes pensions and property taxes, Illinois will continue to falter.  The Representative believes that the best way to get Illinois back on track, is to ensure economic stability, and we can do that by promoting growth and a better businesses climate.