By Bob Livingston

Taxpayers’ money is the definition of an overworked term. We could teach Herr Goebbels a thing or two!

When all the writers refer to “taxpayers’ money,” they think that our taxes are “taxpayers’ money” and they are trying to tell the public that the government “wastes taxpayers’ money.” What’s more, they actually believe this nonsense.

Now to set this illusion in concrete, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does reduce the numbers (money) in our checking accounts when we authorize them to do so via our 1040 tax return. But no one ever asks where the numbers (money) go when deleted from our checking accounts.

These numbers (money) do not go to Washington as taxes to pay anything. They go into the cyberspace of the IRS computers. All this is Orwellian doublethink.

Fact: The dollar is a myth. Oh, I know that we have green strips of paper in our pockets that we believe are dollars. The numbers on the green strips of paper are our “dollars.” So what we “spend” every day are the numbers or the symbols on our green strips of paper.

Now if the government “wastes our tax dollars,” what do they waste? Do they waste the numbers or computer symbols called dollars? How is it possible in the realm of reality to spend or waste numbers that can be created to infinity? What absurd nonsense!

Please, we should memorize this! Anything that can be created to infinity cannot be “spent” or “wasted.” To spend or to waste implies to exhaust or use up. These money symbols (numbers) that we think of every day as money have no substance in reality. We as individuals do “spend” numbers, but ours are limited. Therefore, we can use the term spend or debt as it relates to anything except the federal government and their symbiotic partners, the banks.

So what does the IRS do? They reduce our consumption by reducing the numbers in our checking accounts. It is a system of economic regulation to conceal the fraud that modern money is numbers created without limit by government/bankers.

What else does this Orwellian system do? It transfers wealth to the “money creators.” How does a government make war on its own people? We said that modern money is numbers or symbols which can be created to infinity. Hold on to your hat! Theft through fiat occurs when the volume of numbers (money) exceeds the production of goods and services. This is called inflation. So, the government makes war on its own people by increasing the volume of money.

Individuals, cities, counties and states cannot increase their money supply (more numbers) by creating more. Only the federal government in symbiotic relationship with the banks has this monopolistic power. When this monopoly creates inflation, it reduces the exchange value of all “dollars” in savings and circulation. Where does this reduction in savings and dollar assets go? It goes to the money creators, the people who increased the volume of money (numbers) into the system. Nobody controls the volume of money except the money creators.

How do they get away with this? The answer is the ignorance of the people. Through the manipulation of economic classes and racial conflict and the military industrial complex, the money creators generate a constant clamor for higher volumes of money, small percentages of which are dispensed back to the poorer classes. The poor people get a crumb and they are happy.

Social Security and Medicare are created with excess money (numbers) volume. They are Ponzi schemes.

What makes this system work even for a day? It’s a confidence system. Most people still believe that it is honest and that it will last even though their store of value and the purchasing power of their “money” decrease constantly.

The other reason that the system of fiat works for periods of time is that the volume of money is regulated through taxation. Estate taxes, income taxes and all other taxes reduce the volume of money which extends the system. When the volume of money is expanded, there must be a serious way to keep reducing the volume. Taxes and wars extinguish the excess volume of money. Do we have taxes? Do we have perpetual wars? Wars don’t cost money; they extinguish surplus volumes of money. Wars would not be possible without fiat.

Modern money is witchcraft, but it can be understood in terms of volume whether it is gold or fiat.

President James A. Garfield said, “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce.”