Title: Memorial Day
It is more than a just a Monday off work or a weekend of barbecues and beers.
Remember the fallen soldiers, they gave their lives so we can live in freedom.
They fought not for the Republicans, Democrats or any political party, they did not fight for any one skin color, they only fought to keep us free.
Every time you say something negative against any politician or political party- thank a veteran.
Every time you wake up in a land where you can be anyone and anything you want to be- thank a veteran.
Every time you wake up with no fear of true tyrannical oppression- thank a veteran.
Freedom is not free brave men and women have given their fortune, blood, sweat, tears and lives to perpetuate freedom for us all and future generations to come.
Thank you all who have served.
May god eternally shelter the soldiers who have their lives.
God be with their families not just this weekend but every single day.
God bless America
-Thomas Scott Mccullagh