There is a political and subversive word that has been created and is promoted by the establishment as a major key to formulate and channel the public mind. The word has more than saturated the public conscience. It’s uttered hundreds of times a day on political talk shows and in the halls of government. Very “intellectual” people spout this word assuming it means human freedom and liberty.

But this word has a dark and hidden meaning. It is a cover and disguise for fascism and socialism and tyranny.

It is workhorse of the American propaganda ministry. It is taught in schools (government indoctrination centers) as the source of all freedoms. Politicians love to hear it and use it. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels used it. The word is “democracy.”

Mainstream Democrats and government propaganda media political pundits are clamoring for the end of the Electoral College. Why? “Democracy.”

This is not new. They say that the Electoral College is an affront to freedom because it prevents democracy. After all, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. But the Electoral College gave us what they have determined is an abomination of a president in Donald Trump.

Electors had not even yet met to cast their Electoral College (EC) votes for Trump in December 2016 before Senator Barbara Boxer had introduced a bill to abolish the EC. Boxer’s bill was followed by the predictable propaganda from government propaganda organs claiming it’s time to do away with the “archaic” EC and become a “real democracy.” As we approach another presidential election the calls for “democracy” in elections have only grown louder.

In April, leading Democrat senators took a new swipe at the EC, introducing a new bill to abolish it. Most of the leading contenders for the Democrat presidential nomination support the bill.

Abolishing it this way will be long shot as it will have to happen via constitutional amendment. The process for amending the Constitution through congress requires approval by two-thirds of both houses of congress plus ratification by three-fourths of the states. But there is an attempted work-around under way.

Called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, a growing number of blue states have signed on to a process by which their electoral votes would go to the presidential candidate that wins the national popular vote, regardless of how their state voted.

So far, 14 states and the District of Columbia have signed on. They represent 189 electoral votes, just 81 short of the 270 needed for election. Many leftists applaud this movement, not recognizing or caring — or perhaps even embracing — that it will disenfranchise them if their state happens to vote one way while the popular vote goes another.

Proponents of eliminating the EC claim it will make the U.S. more “democratic.” And therein lies the rub.

Democracy is an esoteric belief system that manipulates the people in such a way that all power flows to the state. As with pure dictatorships, power flows from the top down.

Democracy implies freedom in the public’s mind while power and wealth is constantly channeled to the federal government. Human liberty is regressively crushed under “democracy.”

Democracy is a political word that is embraced by all political parties and all politicians under many labels in every country of the modern world. It is a cover and a facade for communism, socialism, fascism, for class warfare, for the exploitation and manipulation of minorities against stability, cultural heritage and private property. (By the way; communism, socialism and fascism are all equal. Don’t be fooled by claims that one is a right wing and another is a left wing philosophy. They all transfer power to the state. The difference is simply semantics.)

When politicians utter the word democracy, they are using a code word that signifies their total allegiance to the state. They are using mass hypnosis to manipulate the people against human liberty.

The U.S. was founded as a republic. When asked what type of government they had created, Benjamin Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

The Founding Fathers feared two things above all else: a democracy and an overly powerful executive. The Electoral College was designed to prevent both. For a good history of the Electoral College and its evolution over the years, read “Origins of the Electoral College,” by Randall G. Holcombe.

In Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, the Founders established the method of electing the president, with electors from each state, not the people — the number of electors being equal to the states’ congressional delegations — casting their votes for president. The candidate getting a majority of the electoral votes would be named president. If no candidate received a majority the House of Representatives would select the president from the top three vote-getters.

The people played little part in early presidential elections. Instead, presidents prior to 1828 were selected by political elites.

The election process has drifted far from where the Founders intended. Still, the Electoral College is essential for preventing the U.S. from becoming a democracy with the president elected by popular vote.

Democracies are mob rule or groupism. Democracy is anathema to individual liberty. Democracy is tyranny with a pretty face.

Without the Electoral College a presidential candidate would merely have to win a big majority of the population in the five or six of the most populace states to carry the election — say California, New York, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. As it is, Democrats hold a decisive advantage in the Electoral College math because they advocate for socialism. Minorities love socialism, and minorities tend to congregate in the urban areas.

In a Facebook post, the Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children group explained it this way:

ELECTORAL COLLEGE It’s a safety net so that EVERYONE’s vote counts. 1: There are 3,141 counties in the United States. Trump won 3,084 of them. Clinton won 57. 2: There are 62 counties in New York State. Trump won 46 of them. Clinton won 16. 3: Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million vote…

And even if “democracy” did equal freedom, how is a presidential election based on the outcome of the vote of five New York counties in any way “democracy?”

Anyone seeking human liberty, privacy and private property under the mental deception of democracy is under the greatest illusion. Let us purge our minds of this seductive appeal, this spiritual despotism. It has stolen our conscience, our soul and our honor. It is our legacy to future generations to whom we are passing on our slavery. Shame could have no greater victory.

Democracy is a faith, a state religion, a state of mind. It is the progressive destruction of the person — the individual. It is covered and masked with benevolence, philanthropy and brotherhood. Democracy is the opposite of the common belief. It is “democratic” tyranny, a camouflage for despotism. Its goal is nothing less than universal slavery.

If the people imagine that they are free, all sorts of crimes by the political system can be imposed, without protest, upon the people. It is an invisible armed guard.

Mental democracy is a psychological weapon of the state that motivates the people to obey the system and to love the state. As George Orwell wrote in his book, 1984, the people come to love Big Brother (the state).

The elimination of the Electoral College will not usher in “democracy.” It will usher in the complete end of personal freedom and liberty. Remember that Hitler said Germany was a “democracy in the best sense of the word.”