By Bob Livingston

History is repeating itself.

In 1935, the American Eugenics Society’s dogma held that eugenics was a “racial preventive medicine” that sought to remove “degenerates” that were an “insidious disease” affecting the societal body in a similar manner to a cancer in the human body.

Or as Konrad Lorenz, Nobel Laureate in Medicine and later a psychologist with the Nazi Germany’s Office of Racial Policy put it:

There is a close analogy between a human body invaded by a cancer and a nation afflicted with subpopulations whose inborn defects cause them to become social liabilities. Just as in cancer the best treatment is to eradicate the parasitic growth as quickly as possible, the eugenic defense against the dysgenic social effects of afflicted subpopulations is of necessity limited to equally drastic measures. … When these inferior elements are not effectively eliminated from a (healthy) population, then — just as when the cells of a malignant tumor are allowed to proliferate throughout a human body — they destroy the host body as well as themselves.

These “degenerates” were not only the “inferior races” (that is the nonwhites), but also the “two million (in 1935) ‘feebleminded’ persons in the United States in need of institutional care and 150,000 epileptics (90,000 were actually institutionalized). Another 320,006 persons were institutionalized for insanity.”* These people were afflicted with “defects” that eugenicists believed made them a drain on society.

The American Eugenic Society (spawned from the Progressive movement), which had helped push sterilization laws through in as many as 30 states in the early 20th century, was a staunch proponent of the Nazi Germany sterilization program in 1937. The organization’s secretary, Frederick Osborne, noted: “Taken altogether, recent developments in Germany constitute perhaps the most important social experiment that has ever been tried.” American and German eugenicists were so ideologically close that they regularly translated and shared each other’s literature.

The Nazi eugenic sterilization program Osborne was lauding mandated the sterilization of people with disabilities deemed heritable. Those “disabilities” included being a human of “worthless” or “inferior” value in hereditary terms. Eugenics was synonymous with “race hygiene,” and its most fundamental program was to purify the race by eliminating “low grade” and “degenerate” groups. This created in America and Germany a generic racism and sexism. Not surprisingly, the victims always turned out to be the traditional victims of racism: Jews, blacks, women and the poor.*

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a longtime sponsor and board member of the American Eugenics Society. She used the wealth of her husband Noah Slee’s 3-In-One Oil company fortune to promote eugenics and grow Planned Parenthood. Sanger, in a 1925 essay titled “The Need of Birth Control in America,” wrote:

Such human weeds [defined by her in published writings alternately as morons/defectives, delinquents/misfits/the maladjusted, and dependents/the poor] clog up the path, drain up the energies and the resources of this little earth. We must clear the way for a better world, we must cultivate our garden.

To “clear the way” Sanger wanted to segregate and neuter those deemed by her and society to be racially or socially undesirable.*

The abortion crowd continues to use the philosophy of the eugenics movement to justify the mass slaughter of developing human beings even today. Their mantra is that the developing baby is not a human but a parasite that the mother can choose to keep or discard at will.

In other words, the elites of society determine who is worthy to continue their existence, and who is “socially undesirable” and may/must therefore be eradicated. They then seek to justify their actions by labeling the “undesirables” in ways that lessens their personhood and makes them expendable.

As if to prove our point, Oregon’s state legislature last year passed a bill to allow patients with dementia or severe mental illness to be starved to death without their consent. Iceland claims to have “basically eradicated, almost, Down syndrome.” That’s a generous — and deceptive — slant on what Iceland’s done. It actually has a program that encourages mothers to abort their babies if tests show the child has Down syndrome. Because most Down syndrome babies are murdered in the womb, only a few are born alive.

Society has determined dementia, mental illness and Down syndrome are “undesirable” traits and must be eliminated from society.

The new “undesirables” are Christian fundamentalists — though exactly what that means isn’t quite clear. A new study published in the journal Neuropsychologia claims to have found a lesion in the brain’s frontal lobe that is a predictor of “religious fundamentalism” or “the narrowing of religious beliefs.” The study involved testing a sampling of 119 brain-damaged Vietnam War veterans versus 50 Vietnam War veterans with no history of brain injury. They were assessed based on a Religious Fundamentalism Scale (RFS).

The RFS defined religious fundamentalism “as a cognitive construct based on specific religious beliefs: existence of religious teachings containing the fundamental truth about humanity; this fundamental truth is opposed to evil; the fundamental truth must be followed daily, and people that follow this fundamental truth have a special relationship with God.”

The study determined that the brain-damaged veterans sustained a more rigid belief system and were less likely to embrace progressive Christianity — or what I call Universalism.

Universalism is the belief that all men are or will be saved or redeemed, regardless of creed. It is the perfect religious system for deceiving people into political slavery because of its mass appeal to equality.

Universalism requires that we dismiss God’s word as The Truth and instead accept that it is a malleable set of guidelines or nothing more than a cafeteria line from which we can pick and choose what we want to be true and what we don’t. This is a pseudo-Christian front that is very much a part of the world system and an Antichrist.

It turns us into a people of no opinion, no standards and no Christian morality. Under the guise of Universalism and tolerance, the world shrugs its shoulders at all sorts of evil. We no longer can differentiate good from evil — or even care to — and instead become “accepting” and “tolerant” of sinful behavior above all else. And this “all else” includes repentance, baptism and obedience — which are the requirements of salvation. We are taught a dumbed-down “Christianity” that seeks to mold God into man’s image rather man into God’s.

So what the study scientists are telling us is that if we remain glued to the Truth we have damaged brains. An enlightened people with undamaged brains embraces progressive change as dictated by evolving mores and malleable social “truths.”

The Christian faith in its true New Testament form — what science is now labeling “fundamentalism” — is the only religion that cannot be manipulated in favor of One Worldism or Universalism, sometimes called the New World Order. This is precisely why the world system and its political leaders hate, despise and persecute Christians and Christianity.

So again, I say that history is repeating itself. First, they call you mentally ill for believing there are basic Truths found in the Holy Scriptures. Then they can commit you to institutions and judge you mentally defective. Then they can kill you.

This is the progress of the eugenics movement in the early 20th century that gave Hitler the impetus to eliminate Jews, the mentally and physically handicapped and anyone who wasn’t of pure Anglo blood. The abortion movement, begun by progressive embracers of the eugenics movement to eliminate blacks and children who were “defective,” survived the temporary destruction of European Nazism and is now back with a vengeance.

We have “advanced” to euthanasia for the elderly and those in declining health with degenerative diseases. The next step is people with “mental defects” as defined by the progressives. Scary times.