EFFINGHAM COUNTY – Firearms owners in Illinois are not taking sitting down all the General Assembly’s efforts to squelch their unalienable right to bear arms. Taking advantage of local control, gun owners are taking the route of passing countywide resolutions to make stands protecting their rights.

The movement, first started with Effingham County Board member David Campbell’s resolution to make his county a sanctuary county, protecting gun owners from the law enforcing unconstitutional gun laws. Effingham County’s state’s attorney joined onto Campbell’s effort, as did others in neighboring counties. Thus far, over 70 of the state’s 103 counties have passed the first resolution.

Now the group is working with counties throughout the state to pass resolutions calling on the state legislature to “VOID the FOID” card. Between 30 and 40 counties have passed that measure at the county level.

What’s going on in these counties is not going unnoticed by the Illinois legislature.

“With all the emails, phone calls, and the resolutions, an effort to toughen gun control laws was stopped in the Illinois Senate,” David Campbell of Effingham County Board said in an interview with the NRA. “The movement is growing, he said. “Last night, Schulyer County passed the ‘VOID the FOID’ resolution.”

Mr. Campbell had more good news to share with Illinois Review Tuesday.

“The Bureau Co. Board passed a resolution entitled ‘Resolution Opposing the Passage of Any Bill by the General Assembly Restricting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms,’ Campbell said. After one year and three days, my first request to a board member was on June 8, 2018, the board has taken what I hope is the first step in protecting the Second Amendment rights of citizens in Bureau County. A small victory in a very BIG battle. The vote was unanimous.”

Mr. Campbell set up an email <> for those that would like to learn more about these resolutions and help for getting them passed in their counties.