Night and Day


M.E. Boyd, Esq., “Miss Constitution”

Miss Constitution watched two events recently that really tell the story of where we are in America today.  One involved a recent Medal of Honor winner who used hand-to-hand combat to save his fellow soldiers.  When asked about it, and the distinct possibility he could have died, he humbly said, “America is worth any sacrifice.”

Then there were the two nights of debate between aspirants for the Democratic Party’s nomination for the Presidency of the United States.  One of them would go to battle, not using a weapon, but using love – and love would prevail!  Instead of our nation being worth any sacrifice the message was “America should not exist.”

These are among their significant contentions:

*America should be borderless

*America should be socialistic

A border-less America is really about the concept of the nation-state.  Given the history of war, many ask if the nation-state is the best way to organize society.  America’s borders have changed over time with treaties with France, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Texas, Great Britain, Russia and Hawaii.

What does the Constitution say?

The United States Constitution, 1787, anticipated the expansion of the nation’s borders.  The Northwest Ordinance, passed by Congress under the Articles of Confederation, spelled out our orderly expansion including calling for public schools and an end to slavery in the new territory that would eventually become different states.  Congress is given full authority regarding nationalization and immigration.  Congress has created a nightmare with its immigration laws that the Executive branch is required to faithfully execute.  We are experiencing an invasion at our southern border, using children as human shields, that some of the candidates at the debates support in order to create a movement for open borders and an end to the United States.  It is that simple.

Why are borders so important to our Constitutional Republic?

We have a unique and effective governmental system whose main value is personal liberty.  It is spelled out in our mission statement for the country which is the Preamble to the United States Constitution.  For liberty to work as a binder and not a disruptor in our society, all who live here agree to learn and study our system and abide by our four bundles of law – MORAL LAW; NATURAL LAW; POSITIVE LAW; AND UNWRITTEN LAW.  Persons who come here must be examined for those aspects of themselves that make them inadmissible under any circumstances and they must agree to take an Oath of Allegiance to our way of life and laws.  Those things that make anyone inadmissible may be found in Title 8, USC, 1182.  We cannot handle, as a nation, certain diseases; certain mental illnesses; certain sociopathic behaviors; and certain known criminals.  Killing persons to harvest their organs; drug smuggling; sex trafficking; child sex trafficking; and other depraved behaviors are not allowed in our nation under existing law.  A borderless America invites this type of person or persons.  Each member of a family must be thoroughly examined before admittance as each will be given a large amount of personal liberty.

Socialism, democratic or otherwise, is incompatible with a United States Constitution that envisions small, lean governments, honest public servants, and a free market economy that provides the most economic opportunity possible within the general welfare of the nation.  The private sector is not the enemy of our nation it is the vehicle we have tried to perfect to help lift all people out of poverty and into prosperity.  Our system grants no human or economic rights to material possessions such as income, a house, a college education, free health care or anything else.  Our human rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and they are given to us by God, not the Constitution.  Our economic rights are the liberty to make our economic way, as best we can, and as we see fit, within the laws of our land.  The Constitution of the United States grants us civil and political rights not economic or human rights save the right to private property.  Every American needs to know and understand the reasoning behind our system.  Without this knowledge the Constitution will be stolen from us never to return.

How does our Constitutional system work with a real problem such as health care?

Miss Constitution recommends that addressing all problems in our society begin with each of us asking what we can do to about ourselves that might help; what our families can do that might help; what our communities can do that might help; and lastly, what our country can do that might help.  If private sector health insurance needs adjustment or reform, start there – never start with an entity that cannot manage much very efficiently.  If the federal government can manage the military, interstate environmental issues, and proper regulation of health and safety, within the bounds of stewardship of the nation’s fiscal health, we would be asking a great deal from them.  In addition, our Supreme Court must be about process, not political or social results.

What Miss Constitution witnessed recently is like night and day.  We are about to choose between “America is worth any sacrifice” and “America should not exist”.  Which shall we choose?

Copyright©2019 M.E. Boyd, Esq., “Miss Constitution”


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