By Steve Balich

People protest and express there opinion in the course of standing up for what they believe. What is more important than standing against the murder of living human beings. The Babies are now, but at what point do they condemn old people, sick people, or any other group to be determined by a State.

I would like to see as many people and groups come to the Will County Board Meeting and sign up to speak about your feelings about after birth abortion (infanticide). You will need to sign in to speak in open forum. The meeting starts at 9:30am at 302 N. Chicago Joliet, IL. July 18th, and wear Blue.


Will County Republicans STOPPED by Democrats (Socialists) from reading Proclamation against Killing Living Babies


It was not a surprise the Democrats who are Socialist would not allow a Proclamation against killing babies after they are born from being read at the Will County Board Meeting June 20, 2019. The Democrat Party is clearly on the side of Socialism, trying to rip down the culture, morality, and traditions of what made the United States what it is today.

This Proclamation that was written by Will County Board member Steve Balich, tweaked by Board Member Judy Ogala, and tweaked again by Illinois Family Institute’s Dave Smith. It was read by Judy Ogala at her desk at the end of the meeting in comments by commissioners after Democrat Speaker Denise Winfrey would not allow it on the agenda, telling Judy it has nothing to do with the County. This was the first time in the 6 years I have been on the Board that a Proclamation presented to Leadership in the proper fashion with the proper time frame has been denied.

When Board Member Ogala Read the Proclamation and talked about it from her desk, only Republicans would speak in support.   

There was one lady who spoke in Public Comments that made me feel so sad that this is where Will County is now. I realized in a huge way what is meant by the phrase Elections do have consequences. The Democrats ( Socialists) have total control of Will County. This is just the first of many Socialist issues, taxes, and fees the people of Will County will have to endure.

After the meeting several members of the Democrat (Socialist) Caucus yelled at Republicans in one on one conversations for taking a position against EXECUTION on live babies after they are born.

Supporting All Babies Born Alive Month

Written by Steve Balich, Judy Ogala and Dave Smith

Whereas, Roe v. Wade is the legal case in which the U.S. Supreme Court on January 22, 1973 ruled (7–2) that unduly restrictive state regulation of abortion is unconstitutional and;

Whereas, the Supreme Court placed the point after which a state’s compelling interest in the pregnant woman’s health would allow it to regulate abortion “at approximately the end of the first trimester” and;

Whereas, the Supreme Court recognized the “point of the viability of the unborn baby” the State could protect its interest in “potential life” and regulate abortion and;

Whereas, the Will County Board recognizes it is a felony in the State of Illinois to abuse animals and;

Whereas, the Will County Board recognizes that on March 9, 2011, the State of Illinois abolished the death penalty for criminals and;

Whereas, per the Reproductive Health Act in Illinois a baby after coming out of a woman’s womb may left to die in the State of Illinois and;

Whereas, the Will County Board recognizes the fact that animals and criminals are treated with one standard, and newborn babies another;

Now, therefore, be it further resolved, that the Will County Board:


  1. stands against the inhumane act of allowing newborn babies to die;
  2. believes that everything should be done to protect the lives of these babies;
  3. proclaims that the month of July is “Protect ALL Babies Born Alive Month”; and
  4. asks everyone attending the Recessed County Board meeting on Thursday, July 18, 2019 to wear BLUE to support the life of “every” baby born alive.




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