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Parents Support School Choice


Steve Balich Editors Note:  Private schools should be included in choice. In Illinois, we could figure the average cost per student in the State, and give whoever claims that child on Illinois Income tax a tax credit for that amount that would be paid directly to any accredited school toward the tuition. If tuition is more the parents must pay the difference. If Tuition is less the State keeps the difference.

Currently private schools cost less per student and have better results.

Parents overwhelmingly support school choice

FILE - Betsy DeVos Visits New Orleans school children
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos greets children as she visits a classroom at the Edward Hynes Charter School in New Orleans.

More than three in four Americans think that parents should be able to decide which public school their child attends, according to a new poll.

The poll from Job Creators Network/ScottRasmussen.com found that 78 percent of Americans support public school choice, according to a news release from Job Creators Network.

“Americans want a better education system and they want more freedom when it comes to choosing which path their child will take,” Elaine Parker, president of Job Creators Network Foundation, said. “Given these results, school choice should be a unifying issue for elected officials to focus on – plus it would have a positive impact for America’s children.”

The poll, which surveyed 1,099 registered voters across the country, also revealed that 58 percent of Americans support allowing parents to use tax dollars to pay for charter or private school tuition if the local public school is unsafe or failing to meet education standards.

The same poll asked participants about the vost of college tuition and the state of the economy.

Forty-four percent said the high cost of college tuition was the fault of schools hiring too many administrators, while 43 percent blamed the cost on schools adding infrastructure.

On the economy, 51 percent said the economy is “excellent” or “good,” while just 14 percent said it was “poor.”

“Americans know that, right now, we have a great economy,” pollster Scott Rasmussen said in the news release. “Even the housing sector – which has certainly struggled in the past – saw a spot of good news … when the Commerce Department announced that new home sales picked up in June. Increased economic optimism is helping bring about more economic good news.”

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