Report shows Illinois homes $269 billion behind nation in value growth | Illinois |

…and the response by your Illinois legislators who
each cut their deals, sold out and voted for all the
additional taxing, borrowing and spending, which I
am sure they have each been practicing while sitting
on a beach over this Independence Day holiday so
that they can appear sincere and convincing to the
voters, is:
You keep voting for the same, or continuing to
choose not to vote and  thereby allow others to
m ake these same decisions for you, makes it,
SUPPORT, and then  VOTE for those seeking public
office, or in public office seeking another term who
really, honestly press to CUT SPENDING  and strong
enough not to cut such deals, and not agree to
i ncreased taxes (soda, gas or whatever), fees, fines,
and all that stuff, BY JUST SAYING:
That would be those having the “conservative”
attitude and ” conservative” values especially when
it comes to your home.
Progressing over the cliff is not progress!
Dave Carrabotta
Fellow Remaining Illinoisan

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